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    Marathon (Chicago 2007 almost ruined me for long distance races)

    40 Mile twice

    12 hour (57 miles)

    100k (in 1 1/2 weeks)

      1 year and a week from the couch - started couch to 5k last april


      may 2012 - 4.5 miler

      september - 15k

      october - 13.1

      Jan - 26.2

      jan - 13.1 trail - (24 min PR over october)

      feb 5k - color run (stupidest thing i have done in a while)

      April - 25k trail



      sept  - 26.2 road

      oct - 26.2 road

      nov - 50k trail

      jan 2014 - 13.1/26.2 (goofy at disney)

      feb - rocky raccoon 50 mile trail.


      maybe i need to run a 10k and a real 5k sometime.

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        It is not unusual for trail runners to skip the road marathon on the way to the first 100 miler.  However, there are many challenging trail marathons out there that are worth doing.  Just to name a few around here:  Pikes Peak, Leadville, Bataan.  Bataan might be the largest organized trail race in the US, though for most entrants the focus is on finishing as a group.

        Ultra Cowboy

          I started at age 33


          7 mile trail

          10 mile trail

          5k road

          10K road

          20k trail

          Trail HM

          26k trail

          30k trail

          50k trail

          3k road


          I must be doing something wrong....




          Just here for the food

            I started running at 38 after years of team sports and then hiking/ climbing/ backpacking/ mountaineering, etc.



            1/2 marathon

            Hard, mountainous 50M

            Flat 50M

            Flat 100 on April 20


            I'm such a noob.

            Refurbished Hip

              I still have not run a road marathon.


              I went from HM to 50K and never looked back.  I love ultras.


                Lace-Up- Lots of defense on the arm panties lately!!!!


                10K (back in college recovering for an illness- big moment- truly couch to 10K)

                No running for years

                10K 6 years ago

                1/2 marathons- for years- mostly trail- hillier and hillier as time went on

                1st marathon oct 2012- Totally lame- flat- did it just to "do it". Should have done something major like the san fran marathon for my first and only.  I'm glad to say I've done it- but should have been epic.

                More 1/2 marathons

                30K- Aug 2012- hilly

                Rim2Rim-Oct- 25- Huge down, Massive up

                Quad Dipsea- Nov - Massive elevation

                50K Dec- elevation, but not as hard as 2 above.

                Complete relapse and now running 5-10 miles no races (I'm still having a pity party about my 50K)


                My advice is to do a marathon for fun- training- do it with friends.  If you want your best time do the CIM.


                  A winter tri with about 5k run in it. (only paved road race although the pavement was under snow and ice)

                  Everything else is trail with one hybrid and one gravel road.

                  Summer duathlon with 2.5mi run.





                  38mi (first part of 50mi race)



                  10-hr climbathon



                  There's also been an assortment of 3-8mi races in there - being trails, they're just the distance of the course, so don't remember any order.


                  For me, it's been about doing the training relevant for the distance / duration of course, rather than doing shorter races.

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                    I started at 24.

                    5k end of 2004, then a few more

                    10k August 2006

                    Full October 2006

                    10M spring 2007

                    HM spring 2007

                    5M summer 2007

                    5M trail fall 2007

                    7.2M trail January 2008, then a bunch more shorter trail stuff

                    Trail half summer 2008

                    Didn't race from Aug 08-March 10 (baby)

                    Worked up distance/speed on both road and trail from March 2010-Sept 2011

                    50k trail Sept 2011 & Oct 2011

                    backed off distance (baby)

                    Road full November 2012

                    now back to the long stuff- FA 50k last month, and later this month, then my first 50M 5/26!!

                    If you told me I could never run another road full, I wouldn't be heartbroken.  I still like running fast on shorter road stuff, but I've fallen hard for the trail!