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    Ugh.  Freaking work.  Blah.


    30 min. on the bike trainer this morning.  I also made up a full body routine that I hope to do daily.  It includes calf raises, squats, in and outs, up/downs, push-ups and sit-ups.  So that's my new year's resolution is to do this every day.


    More coming at lunch.  Probably doing some incline walking on the treadmill.

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      Will try and get in 4-6 trail miles after work.  Low key and easy effort as I have a hard trail half marathon on Sunday.  Just a tad thrashed after my epic ride day yesterday.  It's all good though.


      Have aa great day>

      Ultra Cowboy

        Since last WED, I've had URD's due to a head cold that has left me with a stubborn cough.  Tonight I'm going to try to break this streak with an easy solo 4 miler.  I totaled up my miles and  I missed my 1000 mile mark for 2012 by 31 miles .  My goal is to log 100 miles plus per month with allowances for two months of hunting season with minimal running.  Really running is a secondary goal to being in shape to hunt.


        My Main goal for 2013 is to do what I want to do without incurring any debt beyond a new mortgage.





          sugnim - a road 10k in snow and icey stuff? doesn't sound like fun. trails on the other hand in that stuff = much better.



          Yeah, it was partly on the road, and partly on trails.  To be honest, I felt so crappy, and the snow covered everything so I couldn't always tell where the road & trail parts were.  It's all a snowy white blur, and if there weren't brightly colored runners to follow, I probably would have gotten lost in my own town in areas that I've run a million times before.  It was a pretty weird & surreal run.


            I'll probably get 4 or so tonight on the road and track. It depends on the rain; it is starting to come down a little bit. It sure does look like it conditions are right for snow, but I doubt it happens. I had sort of halfway scheduled today as an off day, but if I can manage a run, I'll get it in. I don't have any races coming up, but I do have pacing job at Rocky Raccoon in a month, 40 miles worth.


            QOTD: No specific resolutions.



              Yes I did get in. Registration was supposed to open at noon and at 11:50 the fiasco started as the sites crashed. It actually has me registered 4 times and charged me twice. I was going to give up and look for another race then the site started working a little better. I'm a little concerned about doing Hyner in a good time since I haven't been running much the past two months and now I'm sloooow.



              daydreamer - did you say you DID get to sign up for the Mega yesterday? And you signed up for Hyner 50k right? Should be a good year for you.



                7.5 miles on the road today at lunch. It only felt cold when running into the wind which wasn't super strong just cold and noticeable. I took the garmin along for the run for the first time in awhile. Was surprised to average 8:28 pace for the run. That's pretty much been my normal out the door pace in the past but I thought I've been getting slower as of late.


                QOTD: No resolutions here.

                In dog beers, I've only had one.


                  Hopefully a quick climb up Kings Mountain on the bike, and the 5:30am Ninja Run tomorrow morning from the Golden Gate Bridge before work.


                  QOTD: I have goals, not resolutions for 2013

                    Back from vacation and really needing a trail fix, I got in around 13 miles on some beautiful trails. The ups were rough, I did a lot of walking, but the downs... awesome.


                    QOTD: no resolutions, but I do need to lose the 5lbs I managed to put on in Mexico... and probably a few more. Don't really know what I was eating (I let others who actually speak spanish order whatever they thought I might enjoy) but WOW awesome food!

                    Pinhoti 100: Finished :D