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    I'm thinking about buying this Repel Permethrin clothing & gear insect repellent for the shoes, it says it can last up to 2 weeks on clothing but I just don't see how that is possible if you wash your clothes.



    I treat all my clothing with Permethrin. I do it for ticks not for the other bugs. I have only had one tick when I've been using it. For my money it's good stuff. The stuff I get says it will last 45 days or 6 washings.

    Zack Sheldon

      I find natrapel to be the best, and it has no deet!!


      btw deet is pretty poisonous

        It is a scientifically proven fact that DEET is an effective insect repellent.



        It is also a scientifically proven fact that DEET is a carcinogen.  See above link.


        As suggested by the NIH, It should be used on clothing rather than skin as much as possible.  As spraying only clothing isn't much good when running over 60F, I just try to have it on my skin for as short a time as possible.  I spray at the trail head (everything but my face, and if I'm wearing a hat I don't spray the top of my head.) and shower as soon as I get home afterward.  I generally go for 25% DEET and find that works well.


        I've always thought it worth the risk given the miserable welts I develop from all sorts of insect bites, and the disproportionate number of bites I get compared to others around me.  I must smell good to insects.  Now that EEE, West Nile, etc have become more common in my area (NH) I have even more weight on the pro-DEET side of the equation.



          This is one advantage to running in the dry heat.  No mosquitoes and very few flies to deal with.  Now if I could just get some snake repellent.  I've seen 5 so far in June but fortunately all non-poisonous.

          You people, have issues.