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Occasional Runner

    I'll do a double today. I ran a 7 mile tempo run this morning and I'll do about 6 or 7 on trails with a buddy in Minnesota. I haven't seen him in a while, so I'm really looking forward to it.


    QOTD: How far in advance do you plan your runs?


    I usually plan my weekend runs 5 or 6 days in advance. My daily runs are planned out right before I go to bed. I have to account for a lot of variables, and it often depends on where I am at any given time and what kind of running opportunities I have.


    I hope you all have an amazing day!

      Morning everyone. Got in 6.5 on the trails today by my work. Ready to rock and roll for the night time 50 this Sat. Really looking forward to a relaxing run in the woods while it is pitch black!


      QOTD: I map out training plans around my 'goal' races. This year it was my two 100s (April, October). I draw up what I want to run and try to follow as best as possible.


      Lace: Great run. I can't imagine having to plan my runs out like you do. I think I have add or of those problems with a D in it. I obviously don't have to deal with all the traveling you do so I can see why you do like that. I wonder though, would you choose to plan your runs like that if you didn't travel so much for work and such?


      Have a great day all!

      Occasional Runner


        Lace: Great run. I can't imagine having to plan my runs out like you do. I think I have add or of those problems with a D in it. I obviously don't have to deal with all the traveling you do so I can see why you do like that. I wonder though, would you choose to plan your runs like that if you didn't travel so much for work and such?


        Have a great day all!


        I think I would still make my plans at the last minute even if I was home all the time. I always assess how I feel before bed and then determine a length and amount of elevation change for my run. Then I account for the weather to determine where I want to run. Then I figure out what my other obligations are for the morning and decide how early I need to wake up. When I mash all that together, my morning run is born!


        I can't do a training plan.

          The pooch and I had a nice 7 mile trail run before the approaching storms were due to get here.


          QOTD: Plan? What's that?

          Seriously, since I am not racing these days I just run where and how far I feel like going.  That usually means that I decide what trail head to hit on the drive to it and decide what route as I run.


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            12 mile bike ride into work with a short stress reliving run hopefully this afternoon.


            QOTD: Weekdays are planned the night before and weekends are planned by the month but can and will change the week prior.


            Have a good day all!

              Good morning! I had a hard ultimate frisbee game last night (don't laugh... youtube ultimate frisbee if you don't believe me!) I ended up guarding a really fast girl all night and my legs were NOT feeling it.  Although it's funny how at the end of the game I was much less tired than most of our other women. +1 for endurance athletes! However, we were all tied up and I scored the game winning point so it was a great night overall.  I will probably give my legs a well deserved rest tonight.


              QOTD: I usually plan out my long runs for an entire training season (~18 weeks) on my training spreadsheet.  I'm out of town 2-4 weekends a month usually, so I need to plan way ahead. Then I plan weekday runs around my social calendar, usually a week or two in advance. Of course this is all very flexible, I don't hold myself hard to it, but I do try to meet the goal mileage I set for that week. It all depends on how my body feels.

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                Gotten woke up at 4am due to thunder boomers and lightning.  I could have probably run in between the storms cells around 6 but just couldn't get out of bed.  I have really been lacking in the motivation here recently.  I need to a really good trail run to get me going again...


                tmotmo - good luck this weekend.  Should have just about perfect weather for it.


                QOTD: What's planning?


                Have a great day!

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                  Morning all! got in a hot and humid 4.5 last night.  I had a plan for today, but with the weather forecast, I don't know if the running group will actually gather.  I might go to the gym instead for an earlier, missed strength workout.


                  Tmo-- good luck this weekend!


                  qotd:  I plan out the week in advance on Mondays.  It's not that I'm OCD (far from it), but that I'm more likely to get everything all in if I map it out in advance (and take into consideration family, work and travel).


                    6.7 on road/rail trail/real trail this a.m.  Good run, legs a little heavy from tempo run yesterday but took it easy and shook them out.


                    QOTD:  Similar to lace - I plan my weekend runs a week or so in advance since those are longer and I usually have a lot of competing things going on on the weekends.  For the rest of the week, I just know that I want to get 4-5 runs in, and I make it up day-by-day or the night before depending on work schedule, weather, whether I want to sleep in, etc.

                    running under the BigSky

                      got a nice easy 6 miles in along the Yellowstone, really nice morning- mid 50's w/ a breeze


                      qotd: I usually have my long run planned out early in the week, my other runs I kind of go w/ the flow- weather plays a big role of where and when, it often changes my long run for that matter


                      Follower of Forrest

                        Good morning sinners! (what a great thread topic)


                        7 miles during the "derecho" I suppose.  I hate heading out the door, but I love a nice rainy run.


                        QOTD: Since I run after work and post here in the morning, this is when I plan my evening run.  It's nice because I feel a little bit of accountability (especially since I keep my log public).  I'd say I have about a 90% success rate at following through with what I tell ya'll I'm going to do.  I rarely plan my route when running on's kinda fun to try and find a good route home so that I hit the right mileage.   I rarely plan anything during a taper.  Long runs are sometimes planned long in advance...but I they create a some anxiety for me if I plan them too early.

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                        Endless trails

                          Morning, folks.


                          Had a nice 5 miler yesterday on some (new to me) trails, unfortunately their were

                          "no trespassing", "no hunting" and "no atv" signs everywhere. Since I live in an

                          area that trail running is NOT very popular 2 out the 3 three trails I use aren't even

                          legal. Reminds me of that saying; "I once complained I had no shoes, until I met a

                          man with no feet." At least I have some trails, could be worse.


                          QOTD: I follow a plan when I have race coming up, otherwise I just run. With that said,

                          I finally found a 50K nearby that wasn't sold out, so I registered this morning. Race isn't

                          until October though.

                            I plan for a run to the DD ballgame tonight 11 ish total out and back with an hour break in between. If another rain out, I will be trail bound for 8-12.


                            Tmo: good luck on your race this weekend


                            QOTD: Not much planning involved other than long runs. I will call it "opportunity" running.  Shift work and schedules are tough to juggle.


                              I'll try to get a 1/2 - 1 mile jog on a track in to test the foot, and round it off with some pushups, etc. My main exercise today is to take my two kids, total age seven, on an 18-hour flight.


                              QOTD: I have standing placeholders for my long runs in Outlook. I decide where and how far I'm running about 4-5 days in advance. I generally don't follow a program, but the run needs to fit to how my body is feeling, and the training sessions around it.

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                                Really tired today so slept in.  May run after work but may not.


                                QOTD: Daily the night before I decide what I am going to do tomorrow, then it may change depending on the mood.  Weekends  cuple days before because I have to cooridinate with running partner whether it will be Sat or Sun.  Sometimes way in advance because the old man let's me know he's going out of town so then we plan our Tahoe get away runs that take all day.


                                TMO:  You will kill it this weekend.  You will be how surprised that your relaxing honeymoon will actually benefit your run!!

                                jonferg: I also run on private property.  A new guy bought it and put up many signs of no treespassing which I continued to ignore.  Then he started building a Mt Bik cross and put up a sign that they were packing (gun).  One day i ran into the owner and he said no problem keep running, don't sue me, and the sign was for some Mt Bikers that never help but reap the awards of the course they built.  Point being some people put the signs up to protect themselves from lawsuits.

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