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    True story: while I was cooling off and trying to rejuvenate my legs in a cold stream crossing at a trail run, another runner came up and informed everyone within earshot that she was going to take her shoes and socks off to cross the stream.  I told her not to bother and keep her shoes on, they would be fine after 10 minutes, plus the stream bed was kinda rocky.  She stood there for a little while not doing anything and I moved on.  Not sure whether she took her shoes and socks off or not.


    Who knows, maybe she was a roadie.

    Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

    Le professeur de trail

      Roadie - "The waiver says they are not liable for falling, being attacked by a bear, coyote, or snake, and for fellow trail runners who may push you off a cliff....what?


      Trailer - "Falling is a given for most.  Attacks by animals is unlikely.  And while most of us are tame there are a select few that have these random thoughts about pushing other runners off a cliff as they try and pass."

      The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



      Ultra Cowboy

        You can Tell the Roadies from the conversations before the race.  They usually are talking about the last big race they did.  The trail runners are talking about their non-running outdoor adventures they just did.  Or Beer, or Music...

         What Would Jack London Do?