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Faster Than Your Couch!

    Good Morning,


    7.5 before sunrise, now it's off to work.


    I really was in a mood for a run last night, but then started chatting with DH about all kinds of everything, so I skipped it - again. Sad I'm such a pushover...


    Spent a day of full heat (94F) at the pool yesterday afternoon, and it felt good - until I noticed that nobody, really no-body (in this area), was wearing a swimsuit with a flower-paisley print. Then I remembered that some of those flowers used to be yellow when I bought the suit, now they are - white? And the bottom is somewhat loose (not so much that it would fall off, fortunately, but it feels weird, and I certainly could not swim fast in it Wink)? Hmmm - seems like time for a new swimsuit.


    Which brings me to the


    QOTD: Is your swimsuit up to date? Timeless? Vintage?


    Mine: Obviously not...


    Enjoy the day, everyone!

    Run for fun.


      While I am not 100% but isn't today Wed?


      FTYC: Have a good day at work and nice run


      Anyway got out yesterday morning for a quick 5 and heading out the door now for another 5.


      QOTD: Nope definitely not


        I have been running in the evenings this week. The girls have VBS, and it is really giving me some extra time to just run free. I am not really writing anything down right now; I just sort of lost interest in keeping up with the details for now. But I have been having a good block of training for the last month or so.


        QOTD: I don't swim much, but when I do, I just wear running shorts.



          Couch, glad you week is flying by, but I seem to be stuck on Wednesday.


          Probably another TM run today at lunch since it's going to be near 100 degrees here today.  The weather is supposed to get better by Saturday.


          QOTD: I swim in my running shorts a lot, so they are up to date.  Otherwise, no.

          Le professeur de trail

            Couch - you're screwin' with us.  I will now be in the mindset that it is Thursday all day.  Thanks for that.


            7 miles this morning as a bright orange sun came over the horizon.  Wasn't a great run but wasn't bad either.  Just kind of took myself somewhere else in my mind and ran without thinking about the time or mileage.  I felt like I could have run for a long time.


            QOTD: Nothing I wear is updated.


            Have a fantastic WEDNESDAY!

            The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



              Five nice trail miles for the pooch and me.  We picked steep rocky trails in preparation for my backpacking trip.


              QOTD: I have no idea, so probably not.  I usually swim in my running shorts.


              Tallahassee, Florida


                This is like a time warp...


                Got up early but then while getting ready to run I noticed that it was like strobe-light lightening out.  So I just crawled back into bed.  URD for me because I will not have any other time to run today.  At work this morning, flying to Lexington this afternoon, then we're meeting a bunch of folks for dinner after I get there.  I guess I could run in the evening right after dinner, but that may not be the best...


                I'm going to crew for my DD's horse race on Friday (75 mile).  She has had really bad luck at this race every year, so our expectations are really low.


                qotd:  I'll go with "vintage".  But most of the time I wear running shorts so they are not too bad.

                Brazos Bend 100 - Dec 9th

                Houston Marathon - Jan 14th


                  Morning all!  I wish it were Thursday...  Got in 4.5 last night before dusk on a new to me trail.  It was a paved section of a trail I run during the winter.  My winter run is further north and mostly single track.  This was nestled in a busier community, beautiful section of woods and stream, but I decided it is best not run alone.  Nothing in particular, but didn't feel entirely comfortable.


                  QOTD:  bucking the trend here, but yes.  Actually, I have several (we spend a lot of time in and near the water).


                    Good morning!


                    Struggled through 3.8 miles around the hood with the dog last night. I was not excited to head out the door and just as I suspected, the run sucked from the first step. Always amazes me how one can feel great all the way through some long tough run and then feel like you can't make it an easy 4 around the neighborhood. Hopefully it is short lived. Hoping to get back up to the local trails for 10ish tonight since they FINALLY opened back up yesterday after being closed for way too long.


                    QOTD: I like to think my shorts are up to date, but since I haven't been to a pool or beach in a few years they are probably out of date. I'm not too concerned though...


                      6.7 on road/rail trail/real trail this a.m.  Trying to practice faster downhill running on the trails after getting crushed again on a group run over the weekend.  Very humid.


                      QOTD:  I have two swimsuits that are less than 4 years old, so I guess they're relatively up-to-date (although by no means does that mean they're cool or fashionable).


                        I'm heading out to do some tempo halves on the trail just as soon as I have a wee bit more coffee. Reminder--nothing happens without coffee. Of course as I dawdle the mercury keeps rising.  More weights later and then who knows what today. I could get very used to this not working thing. Smile However, I'm getting subtle little remarks from DW. Sad.


                        In a moment of an old guy losing his faculties I actually mentioned yesterday that a high quality treadmill might not be so bad in this heat and peak bug season. Some peeps get them for winter running but I would be just the opposite. Probably a good thing I'm poor.


                        QOTD--I only wear trail shoes swimming--see the avatar. Wink


                        Endless trails

                          Wednesdaily, Thursdaily, whatever..


                          I had a nice 8 miles on trails this morning, the flies were active but manageable. I

                          also went shirtless, which helped with the nip friction.


                          QOTD: I haven't had a swimsuit in years, I use running shorts. The latest fashions

                          are NOT my strong point.

                          Refurbished Hip

                            TOMORROW IS FRIDAY?!  Can someone inform my boss?


                            Bike commute into work this morning.  It's nasty out there.  I don't know if my tech gear will dry in 8 hours it's all so wet.


                            QOTD: It's a little outdated.  I never use it anyway.  The lakes here are disgusting, and I don't really care to swim in a pool.  I also go swimming in my trail gear when the dog gets off leash and I need to chase after her through rivers...


                            Follower of Forrest

                              Morning all, 4-7 today after work in the heat/humidity.


                              QOTD: I bought 3 bathing suits that were fashionable 5 years ago.  They're still good.  I'll wear them til they're not.  I would guess the next bathing suit I buy would be something suitable for swimming laps (yikes).

                              6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                              A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man



                                Lead come colleagues on a great 5 mile hike yesterday. Legs were good unless we were jumping gates .... ouch to the quads on landing!


                                Today hopefully a short shake out ride followed by a shake out run.


                                QOTD: I suppose up to date ... I wear board shorts I got in Maui this year