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    Great pictures Rocky!



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      Last weekend on the Tahoe Rim Trail , very early to get up there but still ran into snow for a few miles over 8,000' . It was about 73 degrees which made the snow fun , for awhile.




        My son after climbing a steep connector trail leading from the Western States Trail down to the American River at No Hands Bridge (just outside of Auburn, CA).



        These next 3 are around Folsom Lake between Sacramento and the Sierra Nevada foothills:




        Mark O.

        Rocklin, CA

        Ultra Cowboy

          Has it REALLY been this long?


          Run along the cliffs at Salt Point State Beach.



           What Would Jack London Do? 


          Ultra Cowboy

            OK I'm gonna resurrect this thread.


            This trail isn't too long, maybe only 1.5 -2 miles.  It is pretty treacherous, along a cliff edge so you probably wouldn't want to run it....


            But the Scenery is out of this world.  It is worth going out of your way to see.


            Palouse Falls, Starbuck, WA


            You can see the trail at the base of the big high cliff if you zoom in ...


             What Would Jack London Do?