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    I'm heading South.  I can't do this cold anymore.  We're supposed to get down to -14 degrees tonight.


    Bella and I will run around 5 miles soon, which will give me a 37 mile week or so.  Pretty crazy, really.

      Marley and I took a rest day.


      Tallahassee, Florida


        Heading south this time of year sounds good Mandy. When/where are you going? I am already thinking about FL to see the folks and run the sand packed trails under the pines (and play some golf).


        Run today was about 6 miles, just over an hour, with LadyB over at French Creek. It was quite a slog, both running, weatherwise, and trail condition wise. 38-39 degrees with steadily increasing run. No one was around, surprise surprise, so it was very peaceful even for a slog of a run. Poor LadyB was very chilled post run. Duh, she is a short hair. A few blankets, a dog treat, and a warm house fixed her right up.

        In dog beers, I've only had one.


          Not much running for me the last week as I have been sick. I never get sick, dammit! Sucks. Just now finally starting to feel better so I may stagger around the hood tonight for a few miles just to get things working again.  I did miss what could have been a great day for running yesterday around here. Tomorrow starts a new year on the running calendar so i have hope.


          QOTD--Any winter escape planned?


          Not really for me. I'll head the other way for cross-country skiing. My first so called getaway will be in March as I am planning an epic run in the Linville Gorge wilderness area in N.C.


            Did 10 miles this morning, very sluggish, it was a mental drain to get through it.  I kept wanting to bag it and cut it short, but once done I was glad I stuck it out. I did 50 this past week and I'm aiming to do the same this week.


            qotd: No plans, but then again there isn't really much winter down here to escape from.

            Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


            Endless trails

              I did 10 trail miles this morning, I felt good and strong-not really sure

              where that came from but I'll take it.


              That's a good healthy number of miles, Mandy.


              QOTD: No getaways planned, just slugging through another New England winter.

                Lagging on the runs lately but did a little hike with hubby and Earl yesterday.


                qotd:  I'm planning on escaping the mid 50s weather here at the end of January to head to Northern Michigan.....wait....that doesn't make sense.

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