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RR: 2013 Annadel Half Marathon (Read 27 times)

Ultra Cowboy

    Abstract: I ran the 4th annual Annadel Half Marathon trail run on Saturday for a finish time of 2:14:15.5 This was good enough to be my new PR for all time in the 4 years of running this race.  Very good considering my taper was non-existent.  I beat last years’ time by over six minutes. I was pleased that I was able to run a 55 mile week with great friends, and enjoy the camaraderie of race day. Annadel Half Marathon is definitely a destination race worthy of any serious trail runner’s time.


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    Pictures for the short attention span



    The Fleet Feet Trail training Group. The Shirt motto was “Hills, Spills, and Dirty Thrills!”
    Photo by Pete Laskey.



    Out for the warmup run with Kim, Al, and the rest of the Fleet feet crew.
    Photo by Pete Laskey





    I was happy to finish strong.
    Photo by Pete Laskey.





    Apparently I took the Motto “Hills Spills and Dirty Thrills” literally.
    Photo by Pete Laskey





      Great report and congratulations! The fall sounded scary, though. My only fall with a handled = surgery


      Endless trails

        Congrats on a new half PR. I'll read the report when I get to

        my laptop.


        Great motto for your running group!


        Faster Than Your Couch!

          Congratulations, you pulled off your race really well. Seems like the half marathon distance is just the right recovery distance for you, with the benefit of even setting a new PR.

          Run for fun.

          running under the BigSky

            very nice!  I like the catchy motto too Smile


              Good job!!! I still find the half marathon to be one of my favorite distances.


              Uh oh... now what?

                Yay for running in Annadel.  My wife's sister used to live on the border.  They had a gate into the park.  Incredible place of quiet in the midst of so much urban sprawl.


                Good running--that group stuff would be fun to be in.  Nice looking shirt.