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    Back home and at the office today (I guess you can call what I am doing "working").  Flight home last night was delayed a few hours so we didn't get home until 1:30am, needless to say I didn't run before work today.  I plan to get in 5 or 6 miles after work.


    qotd: I mostly run solo.  During the week it's always solo and then on weekends I run with an informal group, but sometimes I miss the group runs as well.

    Hog's Hunt 50k, May 10 (maybe)

    Bighorn 100m, Jun 20


      Afternoon, folks.


      URD, calf strain.


      Good to see you're out running again, jame. How's the ankle?


      QOTD: Solo, except for races.


        Slow recovery 4 miles today at lunch. The fast 10 miles last night really took it out of me. Yoga later tonight to try and loosen up.


        Have a good day everyone.


        QOTD: I like to run in groups sometimes just to spice it up. Though I don't get in the zone when I run with others.

        03/23/13: Clinton Lake 10 miler

        04/07/13: Chicago's Shamrock Shuffle 8k

        05/11/13: DWD Gnaw Bone 50k

        Ultra Cowboy

          Surprised at my paces last night after a week down with the sickness.  'twas faster than I'd thought, even with little side trips and distractions.

          Tonight is supposed to be a tempo but I think it will be closer to 4 miles of Easy...


          I have a weekly fun run I do specifically to be a Social run.  Beer and food after. When I am in a training group, and doing group long runs,  I don't tend to run WITH people as my pace is between the Fast folk and the slow Folk...I find myself solo in the group until right at the end, and if I overtake someone I'll usually have to push it to stay with them.

          Looking for a reason to run...

            I was trying for 6-8 today but only managed 3. Knee was bothering me from the start and wouldn't loosen up so I cut it short. Oddly it feels better now than before I ran, so likely nothing more than I minor twinge.


            qotd: pretty much always solo, though I plan on getting in on some weekend group trail runs. I just need to find some people that are as slow as I am.

            Mt Cheaha 50k 2/23/2013:  7:34 :D

            Lake Martin 50; 27 miles: 5:29:07

            Run For Kids 50k, Birmingham, 5/4/2013: 6:26:33 Woot!

              Been in Michigan and did some winter runs.  One god awfull run along the road.  Thought it would be 7 and ended up being 9!  Followed some truck tracks into the woods one day but then got nervous about running into deer hunters so turned around after a bit.  Next day I knew the tracks were at least a day old so keep running and it was trully awesome.   Then I got sick and have been taking a few days off.  Will try to run tomorrow morning...should be fun shooting lot's of snot rockets.


              QOTD:  With my dog Earl during the week and then have a running partner for weekend long runs along with Earl.  It's good company but she is slower and at times I wish she would push a little harder.  Rude, I know since they are LSD runs.  She probably keeps me injured free and my number one goal is to have fun.

              Way Too Cool 50K 03/08/14

                Afternoon Trashers!  Got in a glorious 12ish miles on the trails on Cougar Mtn.  Clear, cold and not a cloud in the sky!  It was the first trail run of the year since I ended up resting on New Year's day.  (Decided to get some cleaning done around the house instead, including taking the tree down).  Got in an easy 6 yesterday on the lake path near our house, but it was so great to get in some "real" trail running today.


                qotd: I normally run solo on the roads, but like to have company on the trails.

                Upcoming races: 5/4 Tacoma City Marathon (5-hour pacer), 5/11 Lost Lake 50K, 5/24 Pigtails 100


                My woefully neglected blog.

                  I did 3.5 miles in between packing and running around buying last-minute stuff. We leave this apartment tomorrow, spend a couple of days at someone's house, then leave Finland on Monday. Right now stressing over the stack of boxes to be mailed to the States--amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in 5 months even when you're specifically trying not to.


                  Probably won't run a ton over the next 12 days or so until we make it back to Indy, but will try to get at least a few in so I don't lose all my fitness...or go crazy.


                  QOTD: I like both solo and accompanied runs. After running alone since August, I'm looking forward to long runs with my running buddy back home, and to the two training groups I've signed up for. That'll still give me 2-3 solo runs a week, plus a bunch of social time (one of the groups meets at a bar/restaurant, and we're encouraged to stay after the run for food).