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Boston Marathon RR (Read 56 times)

Occasional Runner

    Excellent write up.  This part totally cracked me up.


    I peeled off the course and accepted a plastic cup of beer. I peered inside the cup and immediately handed it back, saying, "Dude, I'm a full grown man. Fill this to the top"...which they promptly did. Then I handed it back two more times with the same request, before settling in.

    I don't think they actually expected any of the runners to "hang out" with them during the race and they started to get a little antsy, reminding me about the ongoing marathon as I was attempting to drain their keg. These guys shouldn't start something if they don't intend to finish it. 


    HAHA!!! Those guys totally didn't expect anybody to do that. I'm sure they expected to get a few people to take a sip of beer, but I was getting my drink on!


      Great report! Sounds like you had a great time. I think that is probably the way to run races, the pressure when you take it seriously takes some of the fun out of it.

      Le professeur de trail

        I was live streaming it from work (mostly listening) and when the announcers said there was a "regular" runner running up with the elites trying to keep up, I had to look to see who it was.  For a brief moment I thought it might be you. were out snapping pictures.


        I am thinking the Beer AS folks didn't expect you to linger being in the first wave!


        I totally understood "Hamm-uh" - as I am a native. (But I have been gone long enough to understand why this also is funny)


        How many Wellesley girls did you actually kiss? (Or is it "what happens in Wellesley, stays in Wellesley"?)


        On a serious note, I am glad you decided to go against everything you said before about running a road race like that.  I am glad that I (and we) got to live this experience through you.  Thanks for sharing.

        The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



        Occasional Runner

          The guy out front is a buddy of mine, Seth Wold. He lives just down the road a little bit. He's also the guy from Altra that keeps giving me shoes to wear. He's anything but "regular" but he's also not Meb.


          Wellesley was a disappointment. It wasn't the elaborate buffet of sexy college coeds I had hoped for. In fact, I did some of them a favor.


          Thanks for reading my report, Jamie. I'm glad I changed my mind, too.

            Your exactly right, I run because I enjoy it and I don't take myself too seriously.


            Congratulations on having a great time out there and completing another race!


            Faster Than Your Couch!

              Thanks for sharing the report, it is fun to read. Congratulations on the race!

              Sounds like you did it like a "fun" race, with shooting pictures, drinking beer and having fun with the college girls. Now whoever reads your report will think Boston will soon have to be considered a trail race - oh, wait, no - rather a 'MUD RUN", LOL.

              Run for fun.