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Almost relevant abbreviations (Read 37 times)

Uh oh... now what?

    RHGT Ran and had a good time
    RBGLOC Ran but got lost on the course (
    RBNON Raced but no one noticed
    RCCWOADWEERCW Ran counterclockwise on a day when everyone else ran clockwise
    JTFBH Just thankful for being here
    PTRVOS Paused to rid village of snakes
    GADR Goal adjusted during run
    GDDR Goal determined during run
    G? Goal?
    SATSITSIMSS Still adjusting the settings in the springs in my smart shoes
    PPLE Performed prefrontal lobotomy enroute
    HPLE Had prefronatal lobotomy enroute
    SUATWSL Showed up at the wrong starting line
    ADODTSS A day of doing the survival shuffle
    DBTASC Delayed by topless aid station crew
    DBBASC Delayed by bottomless aid station crew
    DBFASV Delayed by favorite aid station voting
    DBIRLI Delayed by in-race live interviews
    DBWOC Delayed by wildebeest on course
    DBMJCROAST Delayed by Michael Jackson court replays on aid station TV
    WCWKD Water crossing was kind of deep.
    WWC What water crossing?
    IMBIT_ I'm much better in the rain (snow, sleet, sand, mud, heat, parking lot,...)
    FTNZBF&K Failed to notice zero between "5" and "k"
    FWWFWISHBR Frolicked with wood faeries when I should have been running
    ASASAT Achieved status as statistical anomaly today
    JRTBH Just running to be humbled (humiliated, hugged, happy, hep,...)
    DBDR Delayed by damsel(dude, dork, deer, dinosaur,...) rescuing
    LKLCM Larry King Live Called Me
    JADITW Just another day in the woods
    SAHE Served as horrible example
    SASE Self addressed stamped envelope
    RBHE Raised (lowered?) the bar for horrible examples
    EWLJAPEB Experimented with lime jello and pear energy bars
    LTBOM! Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!
    GTSSTWA Gave the sweep something to worry about
    ADORRD Another "Day of Race Registration" Disaster
    RWSO Ran with shoes on
    RWSOAT Ran with shoes on and tied
    RWSOATT Ran with shoes on and tied together
    TIFTD Trained insufficiently for the distance
    TIFTT Trained insufficiently for the time
    SIRISWYIP Strange, I ran it so well yesterday in practice


      For a man who loves words, why the abbreviations? Smile

      08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

      08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler


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          It took me about 2 seconds to figure this out.


          Eat to run, Run to eat

            NSWDC -  Not safe when drinking coffee

            Stone Mill 50m 11/16/13  12:42

            Febapple Frozen 50k 2/22/14  9:20:55

            DIrty German 50m 5/18/14 12:06:16



            Faster Than Your Couch!

              Agree with jbyram, not safe: JGSSLITBRWIWSCAOM - Just got some strange looks in the break room when I was spilling coffee all over myself!

              Run for fun.

                CFAS = Big grin

                Uh oh... now what?

                  For a man who loves words, why the abbreviations? Smile

                  I was cleaning out the folder with the book "stuff"

                  use this?

                  want this?

                  waddabout this?

                  and I got to the files for the chapter, or appendix, where I was going to make a dictionary of phrases, abbreviations, acronyms, initialisms, and so on and decided not to include it.  I just happened to have this (what I posted) one sheet that was sort of short and almost funny with way too many that fit the same way too many of my runs.


                    Now I feel I need to wait with my next trip report until I can reasonable include LTBOM in it!

                    3/8 Way Too Cool 50k WNS

                    4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k



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                      SUATWSL, guilty.