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Sunny Saturday (Read 35 times)

Refurbished Hip

    Had a really nice, but COLD run with NorthernHarrier today.  We did about 7.5 miles. Just uploaded my data from my Garmin and we were clipping along fairly nicely for the terrain and for us being slow people.  Big grin


    QOTD: I stay away from the trails during the 10 days or so that the gun nuts are out, but otherwise I just wear bright colors and hope for the best!


      Nice run to get a break from work ... just under 10 miles, just over 1,000 feet vertical, just under 7:30 average pace .... ahhhhhhh


      QOTD: Not around here ... in Sonoma to some degree.


      Forgot to add, pretty cold (horses bundled up) and saw some crazy alpacas chasing each other around