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    Val, I love imperials. We've got a couple of good ones here in AK, you should be able to get in Pac. NW, which is one Ov my faves. And which I need to get and try. Finally, if you can find it, their perseverance is supposed to be something special, Meanwhile, I'm sitting here with old faithfull, a reposada scratch margarita (on ice), and an ice pack.



    Thank you ! it looks as if I can get the Pilot Series at Whole Foods or our local specialty beer store . I will look for it this weekend


      I love winter beer - Summer not so much


      I am also finding I prefer a beers taste to smack me in the face rather than be very complex and subtle.  New Glarus Enigma is not my style.  But O'so Night Train ... Great beer.


      Plus I like my beer a bit stromger - 7+% is a nice amount of alcohol.


      Each day at work as I drink a bunch of coffee - All I can think about is how nice a stout would be right now.

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          Just finished a Pliny the Elder with a Italian sandwich after a 25 mile mtn bike ride.  Pliny was bottled just 6 days ago and it was so fresh it was like drinking it right out of the tap.  Tonight it will be a Stone Double Bastard Ale with friends.  Freinds don't let friends drink wimpy beer.





            Pliny the Elder is a fantastic beer.

            I found a new one from the only micrrobrewery here in Mississippi.


            Lazy Magnolia Timber Beast Rye IPA....9% ABV...Evil