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    4 mi on the TM today.  IT bands are sore - haven't run much in the last 6 weeks, and this happens sometimes when I start running after a break.


    QOTD:  sometimes - don't usually have the breath to sing a whole song, but sometimes belt out a few lines if I'm listening to something catchy (not so much when I'm on the TM at the gym).

    running under the BigSky

      strength training this evening


      qotd: I usually run w/ my ipod and occasionally sing along-fortunately no one ever hears me-I think  Smile

        3 easy miles. trying to get my mojo back.


        QOTD: Yes!!! Loudly and on key (mostly) at times.

        I do it more when I in remote areas to give wildlife a heads up that I'm coming. I also think it scares the mountain lions away.


        mta: I love singing along to David Bowie and Queen songs. I am also pretty good at belting out "On My Own" from Les Mis.

        Yep, musicals. I am a man who likes musicals.