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    Daydreamer - I have found youtube videos to be a great resource for ankle taping techniques.  Much better and less bulky than my DIY methods.

    Snowden- congrats on the distance PR.  Are you feeling it today or do you think you have more to give?

    6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


    A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man



      Jamezilla- Oh I'm stiff today. I looked like an old woman going down the stairs. But I could run some today. I actually feel like it would loosen me up a bit. Nice job on your distance and time PR too! It's really exciting being a new runner and hitting new times/distances. I never know what to expect.


        Did get to the dentist and got my speedwork in too. It was a good day despite the lousy, lousy, did I say lousy weather. Speed was a challenge as there was still some icy patches and large mud puddles not to mention the ground was so soft it felt like it was sucking at my shoes. But no complaints as it was good to be out in the woods and the mud. The effort is most important.


        Jamezilla and Snowden--Great job on pushing to new heights. Awesome!


        Tmotmo--I like playing golf but watching it--not so much. Maybe if Stricker is in the hunt on Sunday I might pay attention.(hometown boy).

        Ultra Cowboy

          Well tonight's "night run" was over before we even NEEDED headlamps. Ran it 7 minutes faster than ever before. Saturdays race will be fun.