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    It looks like today will be what has become my normal routine. First a 20 minute warm up on the bike trainer, then a 6.3 mile run, followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical.


    QOTD: I prefer 55-60 and above. I don't mind running in the colder temps and actually love the way it cleans out my lungs and sinuses, but I hate not always knowing how to dress. I also think that running in the cold keeps me healthy. It kills off the germs. If I can have access to enough water I actually prefer the higher temps.

      SRD for the pooch and me.  I have been running but not checking in here.


      Today is my last day of full time employment.  January first I am officially retired, but contracted to stay on and work two days a week or so on a flexible schedule for 6 months.  After that I am done with work unless at some point I decide to do something else part time.


      QOTD: Another delicate flower here...  I'll run in it, but I hate the heat.


      Tallahassee, Florida

      Occasional Runner


        lace_up: have you run the Antelope Island 100?  That was one I thought sounded somewhat interesting.




        I am in 2013. It' a 20 minute drive from the house and I love that island.


          An hour on the bike trainer in the basement along with 3 episodes of Big Bang Theory which made it bearable.  Trotted in the back yard afterwards and felt pretty good.  A few more days and I think I'll be golden.  HOping to start the new year off with a run!


          QOTD:  I hate hot weather.

          Le professeur de trail

            Hi trail peeps!

            Got out for 6ish miles on snowy trails this afternoon.  I absolutely loved it.  I am not a vet of running snow and ice ridden trails but I hope to make it a habit this winter.  Last winter we had no snow so I was spoiled I spoose.  But I had a blast on the downhills.


            FTYC - more snow on the way tomorrow!!!


            Tmotmo - you are in Red Lion? Didn't realize you were so close.  I live in Enola.  Check out the the website in my sig line (below) - let me know anything you can add to the site.


            QOTD: I have grown to detest the hot n humid stuff.


            Have a great day!

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            running under the BigSky

              got back from two days of x-country skiing (and hot spring soaking!!!)


              qotd: definitely wind when it's cold, cold and no wind, no problem, cold and wind-problem


                3 miles om the TM and thats all I have to say.  Bigsky looks like a whole lot of fun.