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    The pooch and I had a nice 8 mile trail run. Marley met a nice Burmese Mountain dog/Doberman mix.


    After reading again about the Perseid meteor shower, it occurred to me that I had not realized that I will be in at a high altitude under a very dark sky when they arrive on August 11-13. The moon will set a favorable time for meteor viewing too. At that time I will be in a dark remote wilderness on the John Muir Trail in the Sierras. Hopefully it will be dry clear weather and I can cowboy camp under the stars. WoooHooo!



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    Tallahassee, Florida

      Morning folks! So far today I've gotten in 4.5 miles. I had a little 5k and I decided to run to the start line as a warm up.

      Set a new PR for my 5k too! Ill get out for another 5 or so later this afternoon.


      Our spring like weather disappeared overnight. It was in single digits this morning.

        Nice job on PR birdwell!


        Ended up taking  day off yesterday (lots of little aches and pains) so gonna hit the trails for 6-7 after work today, it's supposed to be 45 and sunny so can't beat that.


        Faster Than Your Couch!



          I survived! DD's birthday party at the cabin, that is. Only thing I can say is that, well, I'm not 15 any more, and I sure do appreciate some sleep...


          And I did what I had to do today, I registered for the OC100. I think that lack of sleep must have impaired my judgement, but now it's done, and there's no stepping out of this any more. Not sure if I should laugh or cry now. Wink


          TT: That meteor shower sounds good. Hope you'll have a clear sky!


          Birdwell: Nice run(s)! I missed a group trail run on my favorite trails this morning, as I had to get the girls up and off the party. It was tough because the cabin is right next to where the run would have started! Evil


          Muppy: Enjoy the run later!


          QOTD: Have you ever had second thoughts after registering for a race? If so, how did the race go?


          Me: I was not sure at all about my first trail race, because I had never run that distance before (30k). That race went better than I could ever have anticipated. My other race sign-ups were quite well thought-out, but now that I've registered for my first 100-miler, I think that was an insane idea. I just fall too easily for all you enablers! Big grin


          Enjoy the weekend, trailers!

          Run for fun.

            Hi all! 

            It's been an active morning so far, I participated in the "Fight for Air" stair climb for the American Lung Association. It was 50 flights (1088) steps, which I finished in 9:35. I ran the first 3 flights or so, then speed-walked the rest of the way up, which was more efficient. I think my long, hilly trail runs really helped me get through this fast. I ended up getting 82nd out of 706 overall, 8th out of 320 women, and 5th out of 66 for my age group.


            I also ran about 2.5 miles total this AM to the stair climb and back. About to head out for a road run, probably around 12 miles. Have a wonderful weekend!

            QOTD: Not really, I always get giddy after registering. I might have 2nd thoughts after I register for the VT50 though...

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            I Run for Oiselle


            Hyner 50k:  4/18/15

            Laurel Highlands 70M: 6/13/15

            Occasional Runner

              Finished my 100 miler. I simply don't know what else to say. It takes a day or so for the brain to get right.

                Congrats Lace!!

                Another sub 24 100 miler. That's just awesome!


                  Did the 20 mile RR loop up in Huntsville State Park this morning.  Felt great, perhaps my upcoming race won't be a total killer.  That gives me 56 for this week.


                  FTYC: Whoo Hooo !!!  Don't worry we're all here to support and enable you...


                  Lace_up:  Congrats !!! Looking forward to your RR.


                  qotd:  I've had a few, but usually the anticipation is worse than the run.

                  Houston Marathon - Jan 14th

                  Bear 100 - Sep 28th

                  Le professeur de trail

                    I was able to get in a total of 18ish this morning.  8 at the local park (combo pf pavement and grass running) followed by 10 on trails.  Went well except for 4 bear attacks.  Yes 4.  Not sure what the deal was.  The only good part about it was at one point I sped up considerably (at about mile 15) to reach the primitive bathroom.  My legs felt good.  This was the only time I got to use a bathroom (sorry for the visual).  I had wantd to get in 20-22 but 18 will do.

                    Then I test drove a vehicle.  I really need to replace the thing I have now.  Hoping for something soon.


                    lace - congrats! you just nonchalantly waltz in and let us know you completed a 100 miler....easy peasy right? Looking forward to the RR.  Feels like forever that you raced.  Hope your vaca was nice.


                    TT - you are really getting in some solid and consistent mileage.  And your trip is sounding more and more exciting.


                    Couch - congrats! no turning back now.  You have a few months to go.


                    Birdwell - great for a PR!!


                    Run Muppy - hope your legs cooperate.


                    TnC - sounds like fun - oh wait - running up stairs? Sounds dizzy.  Congrats on a good time and place.


                    Sandy - good mileage for you this week.


                    QOTD: of course but most turned out ok...never regretted any of them.


                    Have a good day!

                    The incarnation of peacefulness and patience




                      Hello all!

                      I got in 22.8 miles with the dog this morning on the course for my upcoming 45k. The first half was a bit of a struggle, but I really started to feel good on the second half. Which is promising, since a good chunk of the climbing happens on the return of the out and back course. Had a nice improvement of my overall pace since the last time I ran this trail last fall. I think this is the most prepared I have been for any of my races so far, so I'm excited to see the results on race day!


                      TT: Nice miles, that's one lucky pooch you have! Love looking at the stars from deep in the wilderness at high altitude. Would be awesome if you can catch a meteor shower!


                      Birdwell: Congrats on the PR! Enjoy the rest of your miles today.


                      Run Muppy: Smart move on resting the aches and pains, hope it pays off with a great run today.


                      FTYC: Nice job registering for OC100! I'm sure you will do great, I would laugh now and maybe cry during the race.... Smile


                      TnC: Sounds like a fun race! I've heard of those and have wanted to try it.


                      Lace: Nice job on another 100! I am amazed at how many of those things you can pull off! Can wait to read the RR.


                      Sandy: Sounds like a solid run, you should be ready to race!


                      boyjame: Yikes on the bear attacks! I'm impressed you stuck it out for 18, I would have been running for home much sooner!


                        Came home from work and instead of going to bed I waited for the Oil Creek sign up to open. The 50k sold out in ~5 minutes, the 100k in ~15 minutes. The 100 miler sells out much slower, so there are probably some slots still open. I signed up for the 100k so we'll see how that goes. Gotta get training!!!


                        TT - So does this  mean that Marley gets to fall in love, or just have another pooch friend to sniff around the woods with?


                        Bird - That will teach you to rub your warm weather into those of us who are suffering from a disastrous weather report from a lying rodent Wink.


                        Run Muppy - 55 and sunny would be better then 45. Yea I'm suffering the effects of a late spring and just saw that we're supposed to get more snow. Angry


                        FTYC - Congrats on surving the b-day party and signing up for Oil Creek.


                        TnC - Good job on the stairs.


                        Jame - I feel your pain with the bear attacks. They've been getting after me to recently.


                        QOTD: Yep. Right now I'm having second thoughts about 2 that I'm signed up for. Not sure I'm ready for Hyner 50k and hoping I get the time to train properly for Oil Creek. In a month I'll know how the first one will go.


                        Eat to run, Run to eat

                          Epic long run at Mercer Park:
                          0.8 with poor Weston before I left, 10 miles around the lake (with Tree vaulting, bushwacking, stream crossing and Ice puddle smashing), then 5 miles on the blue trail (with more mud puddle smashing and 200 yards of fresh woodchips that infiltrated my socks), then 6.8 on the bike path, for 22.6 total.
                          Trail running was about a 14 min pace, the last 6 miles on the pavement (with soggy trail shoes) was about an 11 min pace. 12.49 pace overall.


                          QOTD:  All the time.The logical right side brain knows that the training will do the job, but the emotional left side still freaks out at the sheer distances.

                          Left:"50K, thats 31 miles! nobody can run THAT far!!!"

                          Right: "yes we can, we did it before, and the training we are doing is adequate and correct for that distance"

                          Left "but but but..."

                          Right: "Shut up"

                          Stone Mill 50m 11/16/13  12:42

                          Febapple Frozen 50k 2/22/14  9:20:55

                          DIrty German 50m 5/18/14 12:06:16


                          running under the BigSky

                            afternoon all


                            a nice, but tough run in this am- about 3-4" of snow and temp 20F, winds 15- gusting to over 20- made for a chilly endeavor- 11 miles w/ ~ 1700' of elevation gain- that at least helped warm things up a bit Big grin


                            qotd: not yet, but have only entered two thus far Smile

                              TT - So does this  mean that Marley gets to fall in love, or just have another pooch friend to sniff around the woods with?


                              Just another of many friends I think.


                              Tallahassee, Florida

                                I had a bit of a crazy day today. I ran the Lake Martin 27 mile trail run... and here comes the completely insane part... I got an award: 2nd overall female!!! I'm still like WTF? Surely there was some mistake. Admittedly there were only about 30 people registered, and I don't know how many actually started but still, I actually got 2nd in a legitimate athletic competition.

                                Pinhoti 100: Finished :D