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Sue: Team Sweet 16

    I'm taking the day off.


    QOTD:  I've always been unfocused, college, boyfriends, running but I did want to be a forest ranger at one point and still do.  I have too much time invested in this current position and have 4 years until I retire.  It's not a bad job and I have done ok, the move from So Cal to Nor Cal hurt my upward moblility but hoping for a promotion soon.  If not only 4 more years.

    10/14/15/16 Grand Circle Trailfest

    11/12/16 Vasa 25K

    12/17/2016 Woodside Ramble 50K


      I am not sure how to continue. Today, my legs were just very tired and hurt. I have a lot of DOMS, something I've never had in the last 10 or 15 years just from ramping up or coming back from injury/illness.



      I would say it's just your body coming back from illness.  I had the same thing last year and remember posting about how sore I was after I had pneumonia (and you had pleurisy on top pf it).  It took a good week or so to feel really comfortable again.


      Hang in there.