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Eat to run, Run to eat

    5 mile redemption run around normal lunchtime loop, after wimping out this morning because it was raining.  It was still raining, except it was 45*F instead of 55*F like it was this morning.  Ground up the hill on mile 2
    Picked up the pace after loosening up on the downhill in mile 3.
    10.03, 11.27, 9.53, 8.47, 8.56


    QOTD: Nope.  I wait until Procrastinator day (aka Christmas eve)

    Stone Mill 50m 11/16/13  12:42

    Febapple Frozen 50k 2/22/14


      I will get in a few miles after work today.  I'm still fighting a "sort of" cold, I never got really sick, but I never got totally better eigher.  I'm hoping a qick run will blow the crud out.


      qotd: Nope, heading to the woods to crew for my DD in a couple of horse rides, she's riding b2b 50 milers Sat and Sun.  Since I'm tapering I'll do a few miles on the trails (where the horse and riders aren't).

      Hog's Hunt 50k, May 10 (maybe)

      Bighorn 100m, Jun 20


        I've spent the day cooking and baking with my mom. No miles today. Still resting the foot. Tomorrow a 0700 I am meeting a friend at the state park for a run. It will be dark, cold and snowey. But he is a running buddy who has moved away, so I am looking forward to a run with him under any conditions. It will be a good test for my foot.


        ftyc: bummer about the er visit. In my family er visits seem to be reserved for Christmas.... hopefully not this year. I hope the rest of your holiday is better!


        qotd: I will be working black Friday.  I do plan on going to the dept/grocery store tomorrow for one of their deals.


        hey...just a suggestion for anyone who eats protein bars. I had a Pecan Pie cliff bar (a seasonal flavor) that kind of really tastes like pecan pie....really pretty good as protein bars go!