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Tuesday. Go. (Read 38 times)


    On the roads this morning for 8.5 good miles. Focused on form and turnover and took a couple short little walks in there too. Nice run. I'm going to be doing a little more on the roads as I just don't have enough time with this work thing to get out to my trails of choice and get a quality run in like I used to. Touches on the Qotd I guess.  Today I will have more time later this afternoon so I may either go mountain biking or go do a hike/run on some trails on the other side of the county as a recon for a short race I'll be doing with our moderator in a few weeks. We will see. I don't manage my time real well.


    QOTD_-Did I say I don't manage my time well?  Somehow, someway I always get 5 runs in per week in addition to my other workouts but it's hard at times to have any structure or to maintain a correct training plan. Oh well. Example this past weekend--had plans to run both days including a long tough trail session at an up tempo effort but I spent a couple hours in the morning trashing my legs grouse hunting so my run became a slow pathetic 5 miler on gentle ski trails.


    Miles--Without out checking my data which is on another computer I'm thinking it was 130-140. Nothing major.


    Jonfer--I thought I read something about you getting a Garmin. Are your perceived distances from the past pretty close to what you thought? I was pretty close on some routes but I had a rude awakening on some of my tougher more technical ones. I guess it was a dose of reality when I first started using one a few years ago. Funny.

      Yea for me , ran 4.3 hilly miles and knee felt good!


      Jonferg, what garmin did you get, I'm thinking of asking Santa Claus for a new one.


      QOTD, usually I need to get up early before work to get runs in.


      QOTD2 not as much as I want I recovered for a week or two from my first 50k, them had some knee issues.


        Cut my run short today because I was feeling like crap.  Just didn't have it today, so no need to turn it into a slog fest.


        QOTD:  Sometimes.  I try to schedule activities together that will help me get a run in.  Example, 2 weeks ago I had to drive to Frederick, MD for a meeting, so on the way back I stopped and ran an out an back on the Catoctin trail.  It helps that DW runs and my kids are older (on their own).


        QOTD 2:  Around 170.


          Jonfer--I thought I read something about you getting a Garmin. Are your perceived distances from the past pretty close to what you thought? I was pretty close on some routes but I had a rude awakening on some of my tougher more technical ones. I guess it was a dose of reality when I first started using one a few years ago. Funny.


          I just used it on the road this morning, pace is about right. I'm looking forward to using it on trails this

          weekend. 2 weeks ago I did 26 trails miles and MapMyRun had my 9,10, 11 mile splits at 6:02, 6:05
          and 6:10, it also had my elev. gain at 6,000ft, 
          so it was time to stop using that program. I do foresee
          needing to leave the Garmin at home during some runs, just to keep 
          that pace/distance stuff outa my head.


          Run Muppy: very basic model, the Forerunner 10 I think, $130 at running warehouse, good enough
          for my needs.


            No running today either - there is still something sore in a small muscle in my foot. Seeing a podiatrist next week since this injury seems to be recurring for me.


            QOTD 1 & 2: Its sometimes hard for me to fit the long runs in among work and two small kids.


            September was a disaster: 60 miles, of which more than half was in one run. The month started with GI issues and back pain, then wife traveled for ten days, then I had a healthy week culminating in a 30 mile run, hurt my foot and worked my butt off during our annual customer conference.


            The good part is that I miss running and am motivated to heal up and get out there!

            3/8 Way Too Cool 50k WNS

            4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k


              Did my 32 in Desolation Wilderness.  Did a write up but need to refine and add pictures.  Sunday we went on a 5 mile hike.  On the way back I slipped off the trail, had Earl on a leash so spun around and landed first on my shoulder then slammed my head against a tree trunck.  So I am sore.  Took Monday off and wanted to run this AM but too lazy.  Will do 6 tongiht.


              QOTD:  I have plenty of time to run I just choose to do other things, which makes me mad at myself.

              QOTD2: 139 miles (As Kelly pointed out less then he ran last week!)


              Couch:  Good luck this weekend.  You will nail it, don't be scared.

              LOW-O2:   The dark is throwing me off...Making me sleep in in the am.

              Daydreamer:  I always admire and wonder why people go back to school later in life.  I can understand the making more money but working fulltime and school has to be hard on everyone.

              Jonferg:  My husband complains about my time running but you know I an over 50's time for me to do what I want and if he's not happy we had a good 21 years too.  Wink He ain't going anywhere! Nice milage by the way.

              Way Too Cool 50K 03/08/14


              Faster Than Your Couch!

                Did my scheduled 5-mile run, and it was just miserable. I got dizzy, probably due to the heat and humidity that I'm not really used to any more. Hey, it should be fall temperatures now!


                When I ran through the woods, I noticed that it was "raining" leaves, and the ground was covered in red and yellow leaves already. Who turned on that "fall" button, but forgot to switch the "temps" button at the same time? 72 degrees is a bit warm for October, and definitely too warm for a comfortable run.


                And looking at the weather forecast for the weekend, it ain't gonna change... 76 degrees, and showers. Now doesn't that sound inviting.Evil

                But at least, it solves the question on what to wear. Wink


                QOTD2: 160 miles, more than 90% of them on technical trails, and that includes 2 taper weeks. I'm not so sure that the 3-week taper will do me much good, I might be better off with just 2 weeks (as for my 50-milers), but once you get started, there's no turning back. I'll see how it worked soon enough, though.

                Run for fun.


                  Back to running! 7.5 miles and about 750 feet on a mix of horse trails in "town" and Huddart Park. I ran in my PI N1s, I took it relatively easy but was still about 8 minute pace average, so those 90+ hours cycling in the last two weeks must have done something. Unfortunately I find I feel downhills in the PIs from a muscular point of view (not feet) more than in my Sportivas ... Weird


                  BTW, Go FTYC!!!!!


                  QOTD: All the time. I have a lovely bride of 13+ years, two boys and a demanding job (well, for now at least). It works out for the most part. My bride is backpacking with friends for the next few days and I have the kids, she is going on a spy school adventure in Vegas, etc. so we each pursue our fun together and separately.


                  QOTD #2: Ran about 20 miles with about 4,000 vertical feet of gain, rode about 1300 miles with 165,000 feet of gain ... over 100 hours of exercise, most of it in two weeks


                    Hi I'm back.  Just finished putting my name in the hat for Hardrock.  Yikes.  Shocked


                    FTYC: Just taper madness, don't be scared, you are going to do great.  Also about those high temps, remember not to fight the higher temps in the late afternoon, just "go with the flow" and take it easy until the sun starts going down and it starts cooling off.


                    qotd 2: 156 miles for Sept.

                    Hog's Hunt 50k, May 10 (maybe)

                    Bighorn 100m, Jun 20


                    running under the BigSky

                      had a great evening run, temps  perfect- low 50's, pr'd on a 5.5 mile route I run


                      qotd1: I try (try) not to sweat it if I don't have time to squeeze in a run


                      qotd 2: 93 miles, lowest of the year (182 for August was my highest)- tapered for the Rut Run, then recovered a little and got a cold that knocked me out for a solid week


                      HURL Fat Ass 50k  1/11- DNS sick :(

                      Zion Traverse 47 miles 4/5 DNS :( stress fracture in heel

                      Don't Fence Me In 30k 5/10