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    A nice early run this morning.  A colleague took me to a local park and we were the first in the overnight dusting.  A good little trail in the woods with some small rollers.  I guess we did about 4 miles.  Sorry the second photo is blurry, perhaps the phone was starting to freeze up.


    Have a great day everyone.


    I’ll pass on the qotd.





      Morning Trailers!

      Got 5 miles in last night as planned.  The new cascadias 7s felt great.  Might need to order a pair while they're still available Smile.  not sure what today has in store-- maybe an easy 3 or 4 after work (piriformis still achy) and some strength training.


      Sandy-- beautiful photos!  thanks for sharing.


      qotd- pass.

      Occasional Runner

        I medicated heavily last night before bed and finally felt good enough to go out for a run this morning. I got in 6 miles and then a good core workout at the gym. My hamstrings are pretty tight, so I need to work on that. I don't think I've ever waited 3 days after a 100 miler to get a recovery run in, so I blame it on that. I need to get my wheels turning for the American River 50.

          Hi all,


          I rested the past 2 days in hopes of getting my right heel and ankle back in order, and (crossing my fingers) I think it's helped. I'm going to try out some easy miles later tonight, and hope for the best. Little to no pain today.


          QOTD: pass


          Faster Than Your Couch!

            Good Morning,


            6.5 miles in the morning. Not in snow, but, on the paved, dry road. It's pathetic, I know.


            Took out my new Cascadia 7's for a spin on the grassy hill in front of my house, and they felt great. Quite different from the 6's, though. Looking forward to trying them out on the trails soon.


            Later today, the family will go to Maryland to visit my in-laws. Any "DC"-runners (traildc, TrailTromper, who else is interested) wanting to go for a run together between Thursday and Sunday? You can PM me.

            Not looking forward to the drive, but at least, I already got my run in!


            Sandy: Looks like a nice run. Wonderful pictures!


            traildc: I might also order another pair while they are on sale (plus free shipping!). Always good to have a shoe that fits and works well.


            lace_up: Sounds like you are up and out again. Take it easy, though!


            T&C: Have a nice run later!



            QOTD: Snow shoes - do you own a pair? Have you taken them out much this year of endless snow?


            Me: I own a pair, and last year I used them a lot. Not so much this year, although yesterday would have been the best day for them!

            Run for fun.


              Finally back after a few days off.


              Finished the HAT 50K on Saturday, then had some teeth pulled on Monday, so I have been resting up.


              Gonna bike a few miles this evening to get my legs moving.

              Weather is looking good, so I hope to get a good run in this weekend!


              runtraildc & YTC- I have been running in Cascadia 7s for about 6 months now and I really like them.

                morning folks!

                Missed yesterdays post  but I got in 6.5 miles of off-road hill repeats late yesterday night.


                This morning I ran a bit of a hilly course (about 1000 overall gain) for a 10 mile mid-week medium long run.


                QOTD: This was going to be the year I bought snowshoes. didn't happen. hopefully next year.


                flashlight and sidewalk

                  Goodmorning Trailers (trashy or otherwise)

                  I did my 5.5 mile loop on the trails after work yesterday and got caught in some weird was sleeting on me but the sun was beaming down about a mile ahead.  It seemed like that cloud was following me.  Anyways the contrast of the rain clouds and the sunbeams made for a nice view and it was a good run.  I also got in ~2 bonus miles with the GF, which was also pleasant.

                  Today is a SRD with some pushups and stretching.  It feels good to be back in my routine.


                  QOTD: No snowshoes for me.  I doubt I would be able to use them often because of where I live.  I would have to drive to a State Park and if there was enough snow to snowshoe, I wouldn't want to do any unnecessary driving.  I did have a great time snowshoeing with some of my buddies up in VT a few years ago.


                  **Ask me about streaking**


                  running under the BigSky

                    have 5-6 miles in the hills planned for this afternoon- temps in the, ready for this.......50's!!!!!!!!!!!


                    qotd: two pair, MSR Ascents w/ tails for hardcore mtn snowshoeing/winter backpacking and this year I purchased a pair of Atlas "race" shoes- I only got one trip in w/ the Ascents, but probably got a couple of dozen runs in with Atlas's- running w/ snowshoes is difficult, if the snow is packed it's not too bad, unpacked snow makes it challenging Big grin   without them however it wouldn't be runnable and I would have been forced on the dreadmill, so it was worth the extra effort!

                    elk season opens 10/20


                      Hello trailers! 8.5 mi out/back for me last night on rail trail with LadyB. Hey, I did not have to wear gloves for once. Yippee. Ran tempo on the way back and am under 32 minutes now without redlining. Goal would be under 30, keeping it tempo effort. My legs are just too slow right now. Today looks like a good day to hit French Creek park for an evening run of 8-9 miles.


                      QOTD: No snow shoes here. Most winters the snow does not linger on the trails here too long.



                      Sandy - That does not look like good weather to be on the links.


                      Jameszilla - Where do you live? We had similar weather last night. Odd low grey clouds opened up with rain after I finished my run with sun shining elsewhere.


                      Ultratom - Congrats on the HAT. I've run that one twice. THey have the best race swag!


                      Trails and Cocktails - Hope your ankle feels better.


                      Couch - Sorry about the cruddy trail conditions. Hope you find a nice spot in DC to run.

                      In dog beers, I've only had one.


                        Later today, the family will go to Maryland to visit my in-laws. Any "DC"-runners (traildc, TrailTromper, who else is interested) wanting to go for a run together between Thursday and Sunday? You can PM me.

                        Faster-- sent you a message.


                        And the qotd:  No, but I really wish we had more snow here to actually be able to use a pair.  I've put a lot of mileage on my NH sister's pair, though!

                        Le professeur de trail

                          I went to the gym - ran a total of 4 mile and counting the last mile as "speed" work - I ran a 7 min mile.  It's been a long time since I have been able to do that - and I wasn't spent afterwards.


                          no time for too much to do at work


                          QOTD: need for them the last two winters.

                          My favorite day of the week is RUNday



                            Morning all. Got in 4 this morning. Can't wait to get back to Maryland. Ft. Jackson stinks!


                            qotd: no snow shoes. I have been running in regular trail shoes.

                              The pooch and I had a nice 12 mile trail run.  There was a nice moon-set and sunrise.  The snow that we got Monday was pretty much gone.


                              QOTD: Yes I own a pair, but I was disappointed that we never had enough snow to need them this year.


                              Tallahassee, Florida


                                Sandy - That does not look like good weather to be on the links. 


                                LOL. Well except maybe running on the links...  Roll eyes