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    Well....if you don't have a problem with serving prison they have trail running in prison?

    So shoot the owners, not the dogs?

    Gator eye

      USRD, got some weird tightness in my left lower leg and decided to give it a day or two.


      QOTD: Besides my time in the service I've been living in the same spot for over 40 years. I'm close friends with old neighbors and other families that have lived and grown up in this area but in the last 15 or so years with cheap and easy credit we have a large flood of city types build and move out to the sticks. I find these people mostly unfriendly and standoffish. I wave at them and try to be friendly but most just give a stupid stare.


        Did 5 along the drainage ditch today.  One end there is a burger place and the other end there is an industrial bakery where they make tortillas.  Tempting smells.  Did I mention that I ran at lunchtime?


        The other thing, it was warm, about 80* and full sun.   Uuuugh.


        qotd:  We have nice folks on both sides of us and we are very friendly.  But I wouldn't say that we are close friends, like people we grew up with or hang out with a lot.  We hardly know the people across the street though.

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          Doing some deadlifts today. I have some top-of-foot soreness, so taking it easy with the running.


          Two days after the 50k this weekend I realized that I hadn't thought about my Achilleses at all during or after the race. I guess that means they are healed! (I will still continue the heel raises forever though).


          QOTD: Very much not so. Our upstairs neighbors are also our landlords, and we are only communicating with them through our lawyer right now. The are big time deceptive, dishonest assholes. We're moving out soon, but I'm making the most of the situation as it is.

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          running under the BigSky

            yesterday I was hoping to get on the treadmill for some walking, but my heel felt sore so I had bike instead Sad


            today it felt better and got two miles in on the treadmill (cranked up the elevation a bunch too)- that's my new high mileage mark for the last 5 weeks!


            qotd: we just moved into a new house and have said hello to both neighbors, the house behind us is still under construction- the neighbor gal on our east is the principal of the school where my wife works so we'll try and keep that relationship nice and pleasant Big grin