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Ultra Cowboy

    Headed up Thursday night.  Maybe I'll figure out who those people are once I get up there.  They sound fast.




      Rocky II, if you are going to Squaw Valley then you should try to get the the runner's meeting.  One of the WS traditions is the introduction of the top men and women in the race.  As they say, it is a chance for the runners to see these guys "from the front".


      Have fun crewing / pacing.

      Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

        I'll be at mile 85 (ALT).  We'll do our best for everyone.  Unfortunately can't do anything about the weather or the dark....


          1: Rob Krar

          2: Mike Morton

          3: Tim Olson

          4: Cameron Clayton

          5: Hal Koeroner



          1: Rory Bosio

          2: Emily Harrison

          3: Aliza Lapierre

          4: Nikki Kimball

          5: Cassie Seallon


            If Olson is feeling it, then him...(did I read somewhere he has had a few injuries to deal with???)


            Nick Clarke if not. (Looking at NC's blog it looks like he has been in beast mode, think the 2nd place finishes have lit a fire under him and he wants it )


            Just so many different variables come in to play in a race like this, it's hard to say.

            Think there are a lot who can win this if they have their "day"

            Le professeur de trail

              Rob Krar - rookie to the 100 but watch out! He's gonna do some damage.

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              Ultra Cowboy

                Race sponsor, Julbo USA, is hosting a WS100 predictions contest; if you guess either the top 3 men OR women correctly, you will win any Julbo sunglasses of your choice. Multiple winners will be selected. Head to their page to leave a comment to enter.



                  Running with some trail friends 1/2 mile from the finish on Sunday.  We plan on heading over there after our run to see those coming in just under 30 hours.  Going to be fun.


                  Follower of Forrest

                    100 miler virgin Cameron Clayton leading through 30...possible wild card?  Impending blow up?

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                      Cameron drop?

                      Looks like Olson ahead of Hal a couple of minutes around 50.


                        Follow it live on IrunFar ... getting interesting ...


                          Tim with a 10+ min lead at Forest Hill (62)...goes Tim, Hal, Krar...wish I could be there watching this live Smile

                            Looks like an exciting race.  Just came off the lake and even on the lake it is so hot here.  Anything can happen.  I was pretty sure that young buck wasn't going to last.  This weather takes experience.

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                              Tim first to RC...106F

                              Sounds like Krar is moving well and is in 2nd...