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Black Fridaily! (Read 37 times)

Occasional Runner

    Happy post-turkey day to you all!


    I had an awesome 10 miler down to the beach and back. Averaged a 7:30 pace with negative splits the whole way. It felt effortless. I love running at sea level.


    QOTD: Will you be shopping today?


    I need to go out and buy more beer and I'm considering a tattoo, but I won't be shopping in the way that most people will be today.


      Good morning.  I'm still full.  We have more freezing fog today and it is currently 19 degrees out, but I will get out there for at least a couple of miles at some point today.  I'm trying to do a holiday running streak, ha ha.


      QOTD: No.  It seems ironic to give thanks for what you have one day and then run out on the next day to gobble up more as though you don't have enough.  I'm happy at home with family and leftovers.


      Lace: Post pics of the new tattoo when you get it!

      Le professeur de trail

        Post Thanksgiving blues....actually I am still fighting this stupid cold that is affecting me more than I have been in a long time.  But I am at work and feeling a tad better.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.  No running.


        QOTD: No unless you count ordering yourself a pair of running shoes shopping.  Smile


        Have a great black friday!

        The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



        Refurbished Hip

          I will probably take Bella for a nice hike today, if I can find a park that doesn't allow all the deer hunters.  I think I am safe in county parks.


          QOTD: I will not be spending any money today.

          running under the BigSky

            Morning all!  Will get on 6 miles in on Mt Jumbo, will also take my grandson up to the L, he climbed the M yesterday,


            qotd: no shopping for me Smile


              Will get on 6 miles in on Mt Jumbo, will also take my grandson up to the L, he climbed the M yesterday,


              It's a good time to get up there since it's only open to humans for a few more weeks before the elk move down to feed!


                Just a few miles today for me and DW.  We are meeting someone for lunch and then a friends 65th birthday party tonight.


                QOTD:  I need a new vehicle, but won't shop for it today.  My Honda Ridgeline is in need of some major work (after only 185,000 miles).

                  An easy 5 for the pooch and me this morning.


                  QOTD: No shopping for me today.


                  Tallahassee, Florida


                    Morning!  an easy day planned for me-- I'll get out later this afternoon for a few miles.  Hopefully I can convince younger DS to join me.  I'm trying for a streak thru the holidays.  We'll see how it goes. not working should help (in theory).


                    qotd:  no shopping, except for a few groceries.

                      Happy Black Friday to everyone.  DH and did a short run in Purisima yesterday with our RC.  Probably just walking today and then medium run tomorrow.


                      QOTD: A local trail racing outfit is offering 20% off race registrations today.  I will bite.  So yes, I guess I'm shopping.


                      Thread killer ..

                        We went down and ran with the local club , today was the drawing for the club's WS spot ( it runs the Foresthill Aid Station and gets a spot to give away ) . I've been a bit sick the last couple days and could only manage 7 miles .


                        QOTD : No ,I  just don't care for the crowds .


                          I realized today that I haven't run in a week. But it's not like I'm sitting around I've just been too busy to get out for a long run so I've been hopping on the bike trainer and elliptical for short hard workouts.


                          QOTD: I never go into a store on black Friday or the Saturday after, unless it's something like a hardware store or building supply. I refuse to participate in the craziness that surrounds Christmas shopping.


                          Faster Than Your Couch!

                            No run, just work all day. More on tap for tomorrow. Sad But hopefully I'll get a run in after work, I'm looking forward to a few miles in the snow!


                            I am a bit tired, which prevented me today from getting up early and running a few miles before work. I drove back the 4 hours yesterday after dinner at my SIL's. The dinner was wonderful, despite DS falling into a potted cactus (yes, the guy with the stitches...). He emerged unharmed, though, but I might throw out that shirt with the thousands of tiny prickers in it. Maybe I'll get him an "Under Armour" shirt instead - and an armour as well!


                            lace: Nice pace!


                            sugnim: Your holiday streak is inspiring, but I don't think I'll make it.


                            Jamie: New wheels, yay!


                            Mandy: Hope your dog took you out on a nice walk!


                            warden: Sounds like a fun adventure time!


                            AT: Way to go - lunch and dinner parties are more fun with a run before them! Wink


                            TT: Your track record is quite impressive. Glad to hear your four-legged partner is well and happy again!


                            traildc: Maybe you can convince your DS by stressing the importance of a few recovery miles. Oh wait, wait, he's YOUNG, so... Wink


                            Gatsby: RC runs are always great social and workout times!


                            valerie: Does one have to be physically there to be a member of your RC (just thinking of that WS spot...)?


                            DD1: Cardio training, eh? Sounds fair.


                            QOTD: No, just all work on this extended holiday weekend. I leave the shopping to my extended family and just enjoy the results.

                            Run for fun.

                              Black Friday




                              Here's my black Friday..aka the jeep is black.  Went jeeping and found some great roads we haven't been on before.

                              08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

                              08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler