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Final Inspection Fridaily (Read 43 times)


    No run today. Final house inspection is tomorrow, and we close on my house next Friday. This has been quite an ordeal, but I hope we are finally done. Ready to move.


    QOTD: Is it more important to you to live close to work or close to trails?


    I want to be closer to trails/forest. This new place has some nice trails right outside the door, but the real reason we are moving there is that is about 500 feet from my in-laws, which is not a problem for me like it might be for some folks.


      A great 7 mile trail run for the pooch and me in the cool morning air.  Marley seems really happy to be running again.


      QOTD:  Close to trails, but I fully retire after Tuesday so work is no longer a factor.


      Tallahassee, Florida


        8 miles last night on a hilly country road in the rain.  Today: Vietnamese food.  Smile


        QOTD:  Both, ideally.  I currently live 1.5 miles from work and 2 miles from the nearest trailhead.  I would like to say that living closer to trails is more important than living close to work, but having lived in SoCal where my commute was 2 hours by car, and in San Francisco, where my commute was 45 minutes by train, I really enjoy the 6 minute bike ride or 20 minute walk to work along the riverfront path.


        LB2: Congrats on the house closing.  It is a long process.  We are in the re-finance process right now & just had the appraisal on Monday.  I can't wait until it's over.


        Trailtromper:  Hooray for Marley!  And, heck, retirement?  That's great!


        Happy Friday, everyone.

        Refurbished Hip

          15.7 miles into work today via bike commute.  Same amount home.  Nasty headwind coming in this morning.


          QOTD: Right now I am closer to trails than work, but not by much.  I would rather be closer to trails.  They give me a lot more enjoyment than work Smile


            SRD today.  Starting to get pretty warm and sticky around here, so weekend running will now be earlier in the morning.


            QOTD:  I live 1/2 way between the trails and my work.  Living in small town America, it's not difficult to get to either.

            Wandering Wally

              8.8 miles of trails yesterday afternoon.  Resting today.  That most likely means some XT with the lawn mower.  Planning about 18-ish miles of trails tomorrow morning.


              TT - Congrats on the retirement!


              LB2 - Congrats on the house sale!  At least where I live it's still rare to actually see a house sell.


              QOTD - Ideally both.  If I had to choose, I'd rather be closer to my office.  If I had to be far away from my office, I'd make sure there was a trail head somewhere between my office and home.

              Run!  Just Run!


              Trail Runner Nation Podcast


                My first meeting today was scheduled for 10:00, gosh these Brits are so civilized scheduling meetings so late in the morning.  Second meeting was combined with lunch for 12:30.  (The guy I met with first also went to the 2nd meeting.)


                Anyway that means that I had lots of time to run early this morning. Sooooooo.......  18 miles today, headed down river to the east past Greenwich, Cutty Sark, O2 Arena and turned around at the Thames Barrier.  Came back crossing the river using the foot tunnel to Canary Warf.  Although it was a bit damp (i.e. humid) this morning it was a cool 55 deg.  Nice run.


                LB2: congrats on the closing, when is the house-warming party?


                TT: Yay Marley.


                Sugnim: Pho?


                MM: Wish I could commute by bike.  In my area I'd be putting my life in jeopardy.


                AT: Enjoy the rest day.


                MJS:  Enjoy the XT.


                qotd: Trails, but unfortunately I'm way to practical to make that a reality.

                Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


                Faster Than Your Couch!

                  Good Afternoon,


                  15 or 16 miles this morning, with 2000+ vert ft. It was a nice run, very humid, but not too hot. I found a huge turkey feather (must be the one I had found and then lost again a few weeks ago in that area, LOL) and brought it home for my boys - they were impressed.


                  LB2: Congrats on the house - will be nice being closer to the relatives (I can relate, as my in-laws are getting older, and they, and us, sure would appreciate it if DH and I could help them with everyday tasks every now and then) - although I wonder if the priorities you mentioned are in the right order...


                  TT: Great to hear that your coach is up and running again!


                  sugnim: Sounds good. Can you send some over?


                  Mandy: Nice morning workouts on the bike! Headwind only makes you stronger. I bet by the time you're on your way home, the wind will have turned...


                  AT: Enjoy the day off!


                  smith: Have fun cross-training!


                  Sandy: The Brits seem to be very practical. Like that schedule! Sounds you had a great morning run.



                  QOTD: Depends on the definition of "close". If the difference was 10 minutes driving, I'd rather be close to the trails. But if it's something like 30 minutes, I'd rather be close to work (sadly, I admit).

                  Run for fun.


                    4 quicker miles yesterday. Something easy soon.


                    QOTD: I'm currently .3 miles from the trails and 3 miles from work. But... if I moved and had that choice I'd rather be closer to the trails. Much easier to get out and run on a whim and hike the dog. I'd always have to get to work, so the drive would just be a regular thing.