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Endless trails

    Morning, folks.


    I got up at 5 to be able to spend some time on the trails, got in 6.5 miles in the rain.

    My calves are sore and I'm feeling some fatigue, not really sure why.


    QOTD: After living in CA for several years it's become second nature. Our apartment

    complex has a recycling bin but my job does not so I keep a box in the kitchen and

    when it's full I bring it home. I make an effort to reduce waste whenever I can.


    Endless trails

      Mandy: Nice looking ride, those pedals are huge.


      Jamie: We've moved 11 times in the past 20 years, twice as homeowners/buyers. It's stressful

      to say the least, especially with kids and animals, hang in there.


        Speed workout on the track today (5 x 1000) - felt strong and on pace throughout, but my legs are feeling it now.


        QOTD:  like some others, we have to take it to the recycling center, which is generally a step too far on my "give-a-sh*t" meter.  I do take the bottles and cans in for the deposit (after fishing out the ones that DW throws in the trash).


          I'll do core training and a 4 or 5 mile run at lunch today.  It's kinda quiet here so I'll take a long lunch and then stay late today.


          lace: have a good flight.


          MM: nice bike, hope that is the path you ride on to get to/from work.  Looks nice.


          qotd:  Really easy to recycle here, just throw all the stuff into the one bin.  Between that and the sink disposal we hardly have any real garbage.  In fact I'd rather the recycling truck come by more often and the trash truck come by less often.  Also recycle at work.

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            Thanks, y'all.  Loving the bike so far.  I need the platform peddles for a while - I can't do clipless yet due to surgery.  Sandy, Madison has a huge network of bike paths.  So while that particular path is not on my way to work, I do have a very similar path I take part of the way.


              I jumped on the eliptical for 40 minutes this morning, trying to give my calf a extra day or two of rest.


              QOTD: I live in farm country, no recycling programs in this area. We still pay for garbage pick up out of pocket which really adds to the road trash. But I do return my beer cans, does that count?


              moon- The weather for the race this weekend is shaping up nicely, it looks like humidity is moving out just in time. Have you done Woodstock in the past? It looks like a good time, I almost regret signing up for the 100 because of all the other activities I'm going to miss out on. Do you plan on camping and doing the weekend trip or just a race or two?


              Gator: if my work life and grandmother duties allow for it I plan on camping Fri - Sun. I have volunteered at Woodstock and other races put on by Running Fit. All their races are well run and fun...but Woodstock is the most fun. Have you run in Pinckney before? I love it...except for the plastic crap the have to prevent erosion.

                I forgot to look at my Garmin after my run but I am I think I hit the 6 mile mark since I got back at 8:15 leaving me 20 minutes to beautify myself before work.  Do I need to mention Earl was with me?  that's a given when home.


                QOTD: Yes and I am married to a guy who recycle before it was cool, he deals in antiques and using old stuff over and over is the original recycle from the days of never throwing anything away. We also save our beer bottles and cans…we have 4 large garbage cans to store those things and hubby has to bring them somewhere, the rest is curbside.


                boyjame:  Congrats on the new home...stop stressing dude it will all workout.


                LOW-02:  My husband questions it when he see's me rinsing something out because water is in short supply too.  It would help if companies reduced their packaging.  A plaxtic wrapped box, with a bottle inside, really?  A box incasing a tube of toothpaste...really?  A box to hold a bottle of crown roayl that is also in a felt bag...really?? ok that last one makes sense, don't want nothing to happen to my crown!


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                  Gator: if my work life and grandmother duties allow for it I plan on camping Fri - Sun. I have volunteered at Woodstock and other races put on by Running Fit. All their races are well run and fun...but Woodstock is the most fun. Have you run in Pinckney before? I love it...except for the plastic crap the have to prevent erosion.


                  Never ran in Pinckney before, I had to map quest it just to find it. It sounds like a gem hidden between some big towns. I wanted to go there last year and camp when I first came across the web site but had already signed up for another race that weekend so this one ended up on my to do list.


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                    Afternoon Trailers!


                    I got in a 6 mile road run yesterday, which turned into a fartlek/progression run (due to boredom).  It felt good to push the pace a bit and to play with different "gears".  There were rain showers throughout the run which was nice.  I'm trying to get some trail miles in after work but I just got duped into some extra hours (sure I'll cover your shift )


                    QOTD: We recycle cardboard, glass, and aluminum.  My dad won't buy beer in a bottle because he can't cash in the bottle for more beer $$$.


                    Kelly - you should run for mayor and get that recycling program whipped into shape.

                    Boyjame - Congrats on the house!

                    Mandy - nice wheels...the clipless pedals are a major performance upgrade (IMO), but I could see how they wouldn't be great with a groin injury.

                    TT - I can sleep through anything also

                    Birdwell - getting off the trail can get sketchy quick...glad it (mostly) worked out for you.

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                      The weather has cleared and it looks like we now have a few days of awesome weather happening. Nice.  Did some weights and stretching this morning before work and I'll be running on the IAT in the Lodi marsh after this gig.  Said to my running bud that he should join me out there. He replied that he has never been out there, it sounds flat and boring. Funny stuff. It is all in the hills and high prairie overlooking the marsh area. Very beautiful but anything but flat. If I am on my game I may get my pace to a 14 min per mile run. Big if.



                      Nice post of the actual facts AT. The one thing I'll add is that at least around these parts is lack of suitable and socially acceptable land for more landfills. That is an actual future crisis brewing and the more we can keep out of the landfills the better.


                        7.75 on the trails for me today.  Rolled my ankle at around mile 4.8 on a semi-steep downhill with loose rocks.  Felt 1 'pop' as my foot turned.  Love my Hokas, but they always make me nervous on any somewhat steep technical downhills just because of what happened today.  Luckily it wasn't too bad and, after I let out a few MF'ers, I was able to tighten my shoe and get on with it since I was 2.5+ miles from my car.  Hoping to not miss any runs due to this.


                        lace, safe travels.


                        Jamie, congrats on the house!  I recently went through the same process... but our move was 2,000+ miles to the West, which added just a tad more stress to our house finding, so we decided to rent for at least the first year in our new town.


                        Mandy, great looking bike!  Congrats.


                        AT, thanks for the stats.


                        qotd:  My town pics up trash in a grey can and yard debris in a green can, both provided by the gov't.  As a newb to my area, I haven't researched further.


                        Sign I came across on my route today:


                        Mark O.

                        Rocklin, CA


                        Faster Than Your Couch!

                          10 miles on tricky mountain trails.



                          First, a long (5 mi, with a short dip in between) ascent, then a difficult downhill. Difficult because it consists of rocks - sharp, big, extremely slippery, moss-overgrown, slimy rocks. Roots in between, to lighten things up. Several very narrow wooden bridges with no rails, which are also extremely slippery with the current humidity (we had a storm yesterday evening). A few mud spots, some creek crossings.

                          It was fun, and at times I hated the trail at the same time. Swallowed a few flies (to get my extra protein fix), and avoided swallowing a huge spider, which had been dangling in his net across the trail, but got it right in my face. 


                          Made it home in time to beat the school bus (which delivers my kids to my doorstep) by one minute!


                          When I took my shower, I still rinsed off two spiders, several small bugs, and a tick - did I mention the trail was a bit overgrown in some stretches?


                          Jamie: Congrats on the new house. now moving should be the easy part... 


                          QOTD: We recycle a lot. Plastics, metal, paper all go into one bin, but the paper has to be bundled, or in a bag. Easy enough.

                          If possible, I try to reduce garbage by avoiding it in the first place, or re-using or re-purposing packaging.

                          Run for fun.