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    The truth hurts, donut?


    You're just going out of your way to be annoying and offensive. On your very best day, you don't have the ability to "hurt" me. You can peddle that shit elsewhere, because I'm not buying what you're selling. You need to find a victim that seeks approval from you if you hope to injure them with your words.


    That is likely the most juvenile statement I've ever seen on any forum. You should follow that up with "I know you are, but what am I?"


    That would really bum me out.


    Collect yourself, man.





      The truth hurts, donut?


        Now I want a donut. Maybe two.


          The truth hurts, donut?


          Is that directed at your blind spot of self-reflection?


          Honestly, I would suggest you quit while you are behind ...


          Thread killer ..



            Hoka has a small niche now but their product is becoming quite popular outside of the running world. People who stand or walk on concrete and other hard surfaces all day (think Home Depot employees, cashiers, etc.) are finding the shoe. If Hoka expands their product line to include casual styles like brown or black leather then they will absolutely go huge.


            My friend who does not run bought a pair of Hokas after checking mine out she works 10 hour shifts on concrete , she loves them . It used to be you would only see older runners in them ( myself included ) . This last weekend we did the TRT Training Runs and there were many younger runners wearing them .  I still am not really comfortable with them and go a bit slower in technical stuff but the benefits are worth it for me .