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In case you like jazz NRC, RIP Dave Brubeck (Read 73 times)

Uh oh... now what?

    Jazz piano legend Dave Brubeck died on Wednesday at the age of 91, the Chicago Tribune reports.



    The old men are dying.




    John M. [ it was in '59, maybe '60 that I saw/heard the Modern Jazz Quartet ]


      Ugh, yeah its been happening for years, I suppose.  Sad stuff.  Brubeck was awesome.


      ETA: I just noticed your sig line about seeing the Modern Jazz Quartet back in the early 60's.  So cool.  I"m not old enough to have seen any of the older dudes in their time, but I did play with Billy Higgins before he passed away.  Phew!  I stank!  But he was kind about it.


      Endless trails

        I have several Brubeck albums, love the interaction with Paul Desmond. Brubeck was 

        one of only five jazz musicians to be on the cover of Time Magazine, quite a distinction

        considering who the others were. 


        RIP, Mr. Brubeck, or take five.

        Wandering Wally

          Sad to hear of his passing.  Glad he was able to be with us as long as he was.  He made some great music in his life.

          Run!  Just Run!


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