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    Well, the cold weather and winds the rest of you have been living with the last few days has finally hit the east coast.  22* and lots of wind  when I went to the gym this am for a strength class.  I think it will be a rest day for running as we're planning to see a movie later.


    qotd:  How often, if at all, do you participate in group exercise or classes?  I belong to a gym for strength training and yoga, but I sporadically go to classes.   As a runner, I prefer the solitary activity but I see I need to attend conditioning or strenght classes more consistently because they make me do and work areas running ignores.  And despite my good intentions, I also don't do exercises I need to do when working out alone.   No zumba for me, though{#RAEmoticonsDlg.joking}


    Endless trails

      19* here in Mass. this morning, I'm waiting till later to run when it

      should warm up to 25*.


      QOTD: The only groups I exercise with are during races.


        Morning all.  Bust weekend around here.  Helped out at the JFK-50 yesterday. Had an unplanned run of about 15 miles pacing a buddy who was having a hard time on the C&O.  Today, DW and I just got back from a windy chilly 8 mile run.  The leaves were hitting us in the face, and I was under dressed for the wind chill.  Was very happy to see the car.


        QOTD:  DW is a personal trainer and fitness instructor at our gym.  She's been teaching classes for over 25 years and I have never been to a class.


          No run yet today. I should go do 15 at the state park....not sure it will happen....if not 4 at the local trail.


          qotd: no...but I always thought I should.

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            Beautiful weather in northern Utah today. It was about 36 degrees when we started and 44 when we finished. I ran 20 miles with a small group of guys from my running club. We saw about 40 antelope, 6 mule deer and about 50 buffalo. It was a great time!


            QOTD: The only group workouts I participate in are group runs with my friends. Classes aren't my thing.


            Faster Than Your Couch!

              16 degrees and windy this morning, so I traded the morning run for a run after work. 27 degrees in the sun seem so much more inviting!


              traildc: Looks like a cold Thanksgiving coming up down there in the DC area. Are you up for a run together early Thursday morning?


              jonferg: Sounds like a trail runner to me.


              AT: Being underdressed for wind and cold is no fun - been there, done it, just recently. Tight lips


              moonlight: Hope you'll have a nice run, whatever the distance!


              lace: Sounds like a wonderful morning run!


              QOTD: When the winter drags out too long, group runs with the running club are my motivational quick fix. I took gym classes and swim classes in college and liked them. Now I don't have the time for them (gotta run, you know), and I'm not sure I'd like them too often.

              Run for fun.



                Rocky and I got 11 miles in this morning on the trails, 27 degrees with a feels like 20 degrees, 8 mph NE winds. It was cold, very cold but apparently I wasn't the only crazy person out there.... not sure if that is a good or bad thing lol. Rocky loved it, heck he wasn't even slowing down as we reached 11 miles..... can't wait until we hit 15 and 20. We got 11 miles finished in 1:53:32 and honestly I was half tempted to push it..... to get as close to 20 miles as I could but I listened to logic and told myself "not yet, but soon". Smile

                *Do It For Yourself, Do It Because They Said It Was Impossible, Do It Because They Said You Were Incapable*


                5k - 24:15 (7:49 min/mile pace) 

                10k - 51:47 (8:16 min/mile pace)

                15k -1:18:09 (8:24 min/mile pace)

                13.1 - 1:53:12 (8:39 min/mile pace)

                26.2 - (Debut) - 4:48:10 



                  Slept in this morning because I am officially tapering.  Did 10 miles after I finally got up.  About 45* and very windy, but no rain today.


                  qotd: On Wednesdays at lunchtime, when I'm around, I try to get to a core/abs class that they have at work.  They have a trainer come in and conduct the class, she's really nice, but that doesn't stop her from torturing us.

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                  running under the BigSky

                    will go on a short run (5-6 miles) this afternoon after it warms up a bit, 9F this am


                    run yesterday was really cold, 7F at the start, 15 to finish, but higher up w/ the sun it was comfortable Big grin


                    qotd: pretty much solo for all of my training- run & strength, have considered looking into crossfit, but haven't yet



                      5 mi on a hotel TM today, 5 yesterday along the Charles River in Boston (visiting for a kid activity).  Haven't been on in a while - work/life/mild aches have kept me from running for the past month.


                      Mtwarden - great view.  The combination of your handheld and that fallen tree behind you makes it look like you're carrying a big club or something.


                      QOTD:  I try to run with my Sunday trail running group every week, end up going maybe 3 weeks out of 4.  I'm not a social person at all, but I like running with others, both for company and motivation.  I don't do classes or anything like that.

                      running under the BigSky


                        Mtwarden - great view.  The combination of your handheld and that fallen tree behind you makes it look like you're carrying a big club or something. 



                        you're right- I just noticed that- caveman run Big grin


                          Marie-- we'll be running in the 2 mile Turkey Chase.  Still have time to sign up with the kiddos!  We might still be here on Friday.  will send you a message.


                           traildc: Looks like a cold Thanksgiving coming up down there in the DC area. Are you up for a run together early Thursday morning?

                            16.5 with Y and Earl...we ran from my house and picked up 3 more friends after 5 miles then dropped them back off.  Beautiful weather...rode 18 on Mt Bike yesterday which is really only 9 because the down hills don't count.  Sorry you guys are still cold.


                            QOTD:  No.  I've joined a couple of times one just to get a friend to work out..the Zumba instructor (female) got arrest for domestic violence and closed her shop...Big grin really!!  I do need to do something more than running..Friend is trying to get me to go to a class but I want to just join a gym and left weights....she said her class does some exercises then goes outside and runs around the building...I'm sorry that just sounds sooo stupid!

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