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    I am getting ready to head out to run a 5k road turkey trot with DD and SIL.


    QOTD: Pass


    Tallahassee, Florida


      My friend I was supposed to run with this morning cancelled. So...I will probably opt to rest my foot for one more day then give it a test run.


      tt: I hope you have a fun race!


      I hope everyone has a great day filled with loved ones and good food. Then...there is football! iIt is a Thanksgiving tradition to watch the Lions lose on Turkey Day!


        Slept in till 7am, woo-hoo!  Gonna head out for some trail intervals shortly, hope to get 9-10 total miles in. I'll head over to my sister's after lunch for some pie and watch a little football. Quiet day here for me. Nice.


        TT--A race? Smile  Probably will need a race report. I kid...  Have fun.


        Moonlight--Another day off is probably just as well.  I can only hope your Lions lose, but I think they will win big today. Packers coach McCarthy has shown he can't win a game w/o Rodgers or Favre. Angry And the defense is horrible.


        Faster Than Your Couch!

          Good Morning, I'm up, trying to keep the boys asleep for another hour. They had slept in the car, which kept them awake later until way past midnight. And the younger DS never sleeps in then... I wish I had gone to the Turkey Chase with him today to keep him entertained and let the rest of the family sleep in (insert "silly me" smiley here). No run for me today in favor of helping my SIL prepare the dinner and setting up. Have a great day, trailers, and have fun if you are doing a Turkey Trot today!

          Run for fun.


            Good morning Thankful Trailers!  Happy feast day to you all!  I'm about to head out for 6 miles with my dog.  There is a cherry pie on the counter, and some veggies are roasting in the oven.  What a day!


            QOTD 1: What is the one thing you have to do or one dish you have to make exactly the way your parents did for Thanksgiving?


            QOTD 2:  What is the one thing you have to do or one dish you have to make differently than your parents did for Thanksgiving?



            QOTD 1:  I make stuffing just like my Mom does: with way too much sage, so much that it looks green.  It's tradition!


            QOTD 2:  I make a dish of roasted root veggies that our family loves.  Celeriac, rutabagas, parsnips, all the gnarly looking veggies at the store actually taste great if you roast them with onions.  (And leftovers make the world's greatest home fries for breakfast the next morning.)

            Refurbished Hip

              Happy Thanksgiving, Trailers!  I hope you all enjoy your days!


              Bella and I are going to attempt to run 7-8 miles this morning, then head over to my uncle's house for family, food and football.

                I did what was an acceptable to me 28:40 something in the 5k turkey trot.


                Qotd1: Candied sweet potatoes.


                Qotd2:  DD and I have tweaked the apple pie recipe a good bit over the years.


                Tallahassee, Florida


                  Up way too late last night having a few drinks with the not-so-kiddies.  So, no time to drive to trials this morning so I ran 5 miles on treadmill while watching the parade.


                  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Enjoy your day.


                  QOTD: 1 - Same as my favorite from the other day - sweet potatoes with butter, brown sugar and marshmallows (my grandmother made them this way).


                  QOTD 2 - Gravy.  My mom always had lumpy gravy, so when I was in HS and working at a restaurant, I stole took over gravy duty.

                  Uh oh... now what?

                    Three inna fog, frost, and foghorns--now back to the chopping block.


                    QOTD_1: The glaze for the ham and the way I bake the ham is like my mother's.


                    QOTD_2: Our veggies are steamed instead of boiled. My father would disown me

                    for allowing Cool Whip (Kathy's preference) in the house. His one venture to the

                    kitchen on the holiday was to fix the whipped cream.


                    Hope everyone has as safe, happy, warm, friendly, tension-free, relaxing, not

                    stuck in the tanning bed, hangover and blister free Thanksgiving.


                      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  2 miles in the turkey chase this am with my family.  This is my DH's annual 2 mile run.  And he can still outrun me.   He did mention after this year's race that he doubts he'll be able to pace the DSs next year.  I like to think they are getting faster, rather than us getting slower.  I actually dropped time from last year, but still was being passed by little kids!  lots of them.


                      My gym is open today so I'll get a weight workout in before we head to dinner.  Blueberry peach pie is in the oven.  2 pumpkin pies already done.


                        Happy Thanksgiving!


                        Taking the kids to the playground ASAP before they tear the house down. Will replace my own training.


                        QOTDs: I'm a first generation Thanksgiver, so I'm making everything up as we go. I'm really happy with my pumpkin pie, but this year I'm doing an experiment with three different kinds of pumpkin in three different pies to see if it makes a difference.


                        After making the same stuffing for three years in a row, I've decided I need to stir things up, so this year I will be inventing my own recipe. We'll see how that goes :-)


                        So I'm still dialing TG recipes  in. When it comes to christmas treats however, I'm extremely conservative and will only use the exact recipes my mother used. What's extra awesome with this Thanksgiving weekend is that Sunday is 1st advent, so we can make the first xmas treats then! I'm loving it!

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                          5k Turkey Trot with the whole family in Palm Desert. Stuck behind walkers for a good bit. I ran hand in hand with son #1 during his first 5k (about 30 minutes), son #2 ran in about 25 (not bad for an eight-year old)


                            Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


                            I did 5 miles this morning, then I did a little vacuum-cleaning cross training...  ;-)


                            qotd:  1 - turkey, 2 - everything else.  My Mom wasn't the best cook in the world but she could cook a turkey.



                            Hope everyone finds a nice sunny spot today.

                            Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


                              Happy Thanksgiving!


                              I ran one loop (10.35 miles) of the Run Toto Run 50K course.


                              Faster Than Your Couch!

                                Sandy, your pooch is just adorable!



                                Hope everyone finds a nice sunny spot today.

                                Run for fun.