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Thawing Thursday (Read 36 times)


    10 again tonight. I got a smooth 10 last night on the trails. I'll get after it again tonight.


    QOTD: Pass. I am drawing a blank.



    Faster Than Your Couch!

      Good Morning,


      Nothing thawing here yet. Unlikely at 14 degrees, me thinks.


      About to head out for some nice, but breezy snow miles.


      QOTD: Now let's get down to this, is it just our imagination, or have you really ever been on a wintery sleigh ride, with a jingle horse, and all?


      Me: Yes, twice. Once when I was a kid (and the snow was so high that the bus who was supposed to pick us up from ski camp could not reach the hostel, so we had to take a horse sleigh), and once as an adult, snuggled up in blankets (but it still was very cold). I enjoyed it!


      Have a wonderful winter day, trailers!

      Run for fun.

      Gator eye

        double post

        Gator eye

          I have to question your thread title, it's 3 below here.


          Between the road and the treadmill I got 10 in.


          QOTD: Yes but not a sleigh, it was a wagon with wheels and covered in straw

          Occasional Runner

            It's a balmy 11 degrees here this morning. I have to admit though, the dry air in Utah makes it far more bearable than the low temps on the east coast. 20 degrees here is actually nice running weather.


            I just did 12 miles on the bike and am heading out now for 8 miles in the Wasatch. This will be my first REAL run since Cajun Coyote.


            QOTD: I've never even seen such a thing in real life.


              QOTD: No. I have not.


              running under the BigSky

                morning all!  we're definitely thawing from our week long arctic blast- forecast highs in the low 30's- that will feel like 50's!  I'll get out this evening for 5-6 miles in the hills, the trails have just the right amount of snow- not too much to make running overly difficult, but enough that you get a nice cushioning effect


                qotd: we (my Granddad) had a sleigh when we were kids- I have very fond memories of cruising around in the snow w/ it; it was sans bells though- very peaceful, we'd even go out at night occasionally w/ a good moon


                  Morning!  Will get out for 4 or 5 miles tonight, after yoga at lunch.  We're in a break between storms, so i hope to get out with the running group tonight instead of facing the treadmill.


                  qotd:  Yes, once, after a prime rib dinner and a lot of wine.  It was nice.


                    Cold as hell here. What is this thaw you speak of???  Poor week of running for me so far, not 'cause of the weather but 12 hour days. I suppose it's OK during this time of year but....   A good workout in the cave this morning with weights, core, stretching, and elliptical.  Anyway, we'll get some real good miles in over the next 3 days.


                    QOTD--Well how about racing across a frozen lake at over 100 mph on a snowmobile. Making noise and belching two-stroke exhaust out into the pristine northwoods. Close enough for me. 


                      Cold as hell here. What is this thaw you speak of???  


                      Louisiana. It is chilly, though. It got down to around 33 last night, and it must be bumping 45 by now.



                        I have the same weather as Couch, so no thaw here, and there is more snow in the forecast for Saturday.


                        5 mile run on the roads this morning while dodging a few cars.  Now leaving to make a 2 hour drive to Longwood Gardens with DW for a date.  We'll walk a few miles around the gardens, have a late lunch and look at all the Christmas displays and lights.  When we get back, DD #2 should be home from taking her last exams of the semester.


                        QOTD:  1 time with the family at Okemo Ski Resort in VT.  Several times on NorthernHarriers's 100mph type.


                          I have ATD (Attention Treadmill Disorder) and only got in 3 miles on the hammstermill.



                          QOTD: No


                            I've got my running shoes with me and no way home except for my feet.  The nice thing is I can make that run anywhere from 2-8 miles and can even hit some good trails on the way as well!


                            QOTD:  I've never been on a horse, a sleigh.  But when I was a kid, I had a bell on my bike; that's as close as I've come.


                            Follower of Forrest

                              Morning all,


                              Got my 5 miles last night around the neighborhood running just fast enough to stay warm (my easy pace has picked up a little bit in this cold weather).  Also did 25 minutes on the rollers and 10 mins worth of ab/core stuff.  My plan is to do it again today, maybe add in some squats and such while watching football.  The "plan" I made last week takes into account football season, which has been a big road block for me in the past.


                              QOTD: No, but horse drawn carriages do not belong on the streets of can't drive near central park this time of year.

                              6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                              A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man



                              Eat to run, Run to eat

                                SRD, met with the usual Friends at Denny's for brekky.


                                QOTD:  No, but my mom rode in a sheet of horse drawn plywood for a 1/4 mile when she was in labor, since it snowed the day I was born and our cars were snowed in.  Does that count?

                                Stone Mill 50m 11/16/13  12:42

                                Febapple Frozen 50k 2/22/14  9:20:55

                                DIrty German 50m 5/18/14 12:06:16