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    Marley and I had a nice 5 mile trail run this morning. It is surprising just how sweaty 56 F can be.


    Tallahassee, Florida


      Had a nice 7 after work yesterday. I plan to cut some grass when I get home and run 5 after that.


      running under the BigSky

        Morning Trailers!  Will hit the stationary bike this evening and then try to improve on my 1 mile walk on the treadmill.

        Gator eye

          8 speedy miles this morning so I left my running partner at home, to show me his displeasure he decided to tear apart a brand new 50 pound bag of dog food and dump it on the floor. What a fun mess that was.

            7.3 after work yesterday. Probably resting tonight if I go to volleyball.  Excited to go camping this weekend in the Poconos.


            QOTD: Are you a camper? I bet the answer is yes for most of us.


            I love camping, but I'm not quite a "legit" camper yet. I only started camping about 4 years ago, prior to that I was not very "outdoorsy" at all.  I'd like to purchase some more lightweight gear and do some fastpacking/overnight trips on the AT. For now, we have heavy tents and gear so we are usually stationary campers.

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            Endless trails

              Morning, folks.


              I had a nice 5 mile road run this morning, perfect running weather. Still working out the kinks, and I'm

              slow as I get back into my routine after an injury but so glad to be out there relatively pein-free.


              QOTD: I used to camp often when I was young, mostly Maine and NH. Not so much anymore but

              I do miss it and hope to get back into it.


                5-mile jog today.


                QOTD: I camp with the kids, or alone if I can get out in wilderness areas. For my own sake, I don't really think drive-in camping with its poor sleep is worth it.

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                  I ran 2.3 this morning....was heading out the door for 4 but the old man called to complain about how everyone does shobby work and no one gives a shit anymore...I just couldn't say "I don't give a shit I am going running"    Most likely will run tonight unless pouring rain.  Ran a nice 5.4 last was warm but you could tell a storm was moving in.


                  QOTD:  Yes I do like camping but once we bought a trailer camping more than 3 nights gets a little old.  We just sold the trailer so I better get use to a tent again.  Planning on buying a pop up camper for the back of the truck but hubby does not seem to be in a hurry.


                  Gator eye:  I think you deserved it!

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                    6 late last night.

                    6 more late tonight.


                    QOTD: I camped a bit with the scouts as a youngster. As I've gotten older, I've come to really appreciate my own bed and running water in my own bathroom.

                    Trail running, for me at least, came out of a desire to see the backcountry fast enough to make it back to the hotel at night .

                    I am committed to taking the family on at least two camping trips this summer. I want to explore Goblin Valley and the slot canyons in the San Rafael Swell.


                      Resting today after running in the morning then playing a late indoor soccer game I decided my banged up shins needs a break.

                        QOTD: Yes.  I like to bicycle tour and backpack.  Canoe camping is fun as well although it has been a while for that.  I like to travel by car as well, but you may or may not consider what I do with the car as being camping.  I just sleep in the car where ever I can park and not be run off.


                        Tallahassee, Florida

                        Occasional Runner

                          Nothing for me today. Up nearly to drive from Boston to New York so we can catch a plane to Salt Lake City. Sitting in the Delta Sky Club, drinking free beers and catching up things.


                          QOTD: I camp a few times a year. I'm getting my "new" land cruiser all set up for epic car camping.


                            URD today.  I was going to run after work today, but now I "have" to go to dinner with some co-workers who are visiting from Asia.  Oh well, it won't kill me.


                            qotd: My DD and I do some "camping" when we go to races.  It's more like drive-in camping where we set up the tent but keep most of the stuff in the car.  We have a 10-man tent for the two of us, nice and roomy (note, since we don't have to hike stuff in, it doesn't matter if it's too heavy).  Most places are primitive though, very far down dirt roads in the middle of nowhere.


                            As an aside, the other day I mentioned I had to wash my car because it was so dirty from going to our rides/races.  I think my little Honda Civic has done more "off-roading" than 3/4 of the trucks in Texas.

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                              Foggy to start, then sunny and rain to finish 22 miles (legal disclaimer I rounded up with my watch said.I ran over five hours I'm sure my pace was faster than that, was on lots of switchbacking grapevine trails)


                              I went back to the new trail I discovered last week, after a few miles I was surprised to find out it ended at a creek, on the other side was my favorite trail!


                              QOTD As a kid we used to camp all the time, I still go once in a while but nothing too rugged.


                              Endless trails

                                As an aside, the other day I mentioned I had to wash my car because it was so dirty from going to our rides/races.  I think my little Honda Civic has done more "off-roading" than 3/4 of the trucks in Texas.


                                Mine has too, the steering wheel shakes at 65mph to prove it.