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Things I Don't Miss About RWOL (Read 108 times)

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    I was thinking about our transition from RWOL to RA while on my morning run. While I acknowledge several differences since the move, there are a number of things that I am glad to have out of my life. I wanted to share a few of those things with all of you and see if others feel the same way.


    10 Things I DO NOT miss...


    1. Moderators. How do we all get along without a babysitter? Shocking!

    2. SPAM

    3. The barefoot forum

    4. The use of the term "Junk Miles"

    5. Constant shutdowns for "repairs"

    6. Sanguine Soul and other self righteous, ego maniacal lunatics

    7. The RWOL definition of "improvement"

    8. Censorship, because it's BULLSHIT!

    9. Trolls!

    10. The speed (or lack thereof) of the site




      Aren't "junk miles" when we pick up trash along the trail during a long run?

      Refurbished Hip

        I thought I was the great almighty around here?  Confused


        <cancels power trip and mass bannings>

        Refurbished Hip

          I love how quickly this website loads, although I do miss that we don't get quite as many visitors as RWOL did.

          running under the BigSky

            what's this RWOL you speak of?











            Big grin

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              I thought I was the great almighty around here?  Confused


              <cancels power trip and mass bannings>


              You were Mandy. I organized a coup and you were ousted.


                That place was toxic, I agree and who would have thunk it that we as mature (well some of you) adults could get along without over sight.

                Le professeur de trail

                  I dunno...I kinda miss the barefoot forum. I am sure we can find one around here somewhere...

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                    I am glad that I was able to figure out how to migrate all of my run data from RWOL to RA.  I also have not renewed my magazine subscription (for a separate reason than the message board brouhaha).

                    BT survivor since 2003. Trail runner since 2009.

                    I think brain surgery stimulated my running nerve and made me into a trail runner. I'm grateful for both.

                      Best thing here is Eric really seems to care and takes pride in his handiwork and always trying to make his site better!


                      Im sure just as with all the other "upgrades" (cough cough) this one will be even better at RWOL!

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                          Turns out no one liked us over there, anyway.  Wink


                          This falls into the "TROLL" category! What a piece of shit!




                            Turns out no one liked us over there, anyway.  Wink


                            Too funny.  Looks like I don't have to stop by and bump that threat up anymore.  Banter on people!


                            Faster Than Your Couch!



                              Turns out no one liked us over there, anyway.  Wink


                              People, this is AWESOME!


                              FINALLY - after how many months? - someone realized that the forum almost as a whole has gone missing, and even cares enough to throw a tantrum! Reminds me of those scenes of the ex-girlfriend yelling after her ex-boyfriend at the doorstep: "Who cares that you are leaving? I certainly don't." And here comes the standard line of the deserted lover: "I never liked you anyway!! Nobody does!!"


                              Wonderfully funny! Big grin


                              I even found a matching song for the background music in his obituary: (enjoy the background, and listen to the end).

                              Run for fun.


                                OK, I went over there for a second to read that thread. I feel like I need a shower now. Classic though that someone with a dozen postings...well you know. Not that post counts should matter, right Mandy?  I can't remember my log in info anymore. How sad.


                                I do miss the higher traffic even if some were knobs. Diversity and varying viewpoints are good. Otherwise I might as well become Republican. OOPS! Didn't really mean that. NEVER! Cool



                                Anyhow Miss Moderator-- How about helping Toecutter get into this site if possible. One of my favorite forumites.