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    Morning trailers!  Lingering over coffee and watching the snow fall.  Another snow day for the kiddos.  Yesterday's planned gym day turned into a great 5 mile run in the evening.  Tested out the shin, didn't feel too badly and I kept going as the fog was starting to settle in.  Today is likely my gym day, but might get DS out for a short run later than face the treadmill.


    qotd:   Any new winter gear that you need to brag about how awesome it is?  Me, no, other than a new Nike compression long-sleeved shirt, with a fleece interior.  It's like wearing angels.


    Endless trails

      Morning folks-


      I had a nice 6 miler this morning in the cold, and before the snow which just

      started. I was a little concerned about the icy pavement, but it was fine.


      QOTD: Nothing new this winter to speak of but I'm glad I kept my winter gear

      after years of not needing it in CA. I just wish I had kept that pair of wicking
      underwear with the front panel protection.


        Good morning trailers.  We got a good 6 inches of new snow here, and I spent the morning shoveling snow before work.  We are finally in a stretch when the temperatures should stay above zero--yeah!  I've got 6 miles planned for this evening after work.


        QOTD:  I have 3 pieces of favorite winter gear, although none of it is new: my Asics goretex 2000's which keep my feet warm & dry no matter what; my Under Armor wool long underwear which keep me warm (sometimes even too warm) in any cold conditions; and my Buff which keeps my ears & face from freezing and also has a perk of making me look scary when I wear it--no one ever says hi to me when I have my Buff on!


          Today is busy; yesterday was insane with a cold rain. I spent enough time in the cold rain this past weekend. I won't be home until 8:30 or 9 tonight. So, I'll just rest today, no biggie.


          QOTD: I have been hanging onto my "shoe fund" money like a miser. I haven't bought any new gear in a few months.


            Got up early to get a nice long run in before the snow, made it to the trail and a snow typhoon started, snow on top of ice wasn't working for me so hit the gym for a whole 3 miles on treadmill, then went to yoga class.


            QOTD I don't have anything new, but I need some new trail shoes, they stopped making mine in a wide size.

            Occasional Runner

              I worked on my leg turnover on my spin bike this morning. I got a good sweat going and was able to exploit all the little kinks left over from my race. My left knee is going to need to be babied for a few days.


              I love riding my spin bike and I think it was probably one of the best investments I ever made for my running. It's great for recovery, maintaining fitness, improving turnover and it's always there on these sub zero winter mornings, removing any possible excuse to avoid a workout.


              QOTD: Not much for running. A sponsor gave me a new Outdoor Research puffy jacket that I really like and somebody else is sending me a winter shell but I don't even know what it is and I haven't seen it yet. I just wrote a product review for a new pair of Zensah running gloves that I like. I'll share the review on here whenever they publish it.

              Gator eye

                Morning all. I did 10 this morning and it is still way to cold, the temp sat just above zero this morning.


                QOTD: No good winter gear to report. I sweat way to much and after 10 or so I always start to cool down and get cold. Trying to figure out the key to staying dry and warm for the long haul. I cut my pace way down this morning trying to keep myself from sweating but still after ten I was damp and getting cold. Going to try a lighter hat tomorrow.  Beginning to think changing clothes every 10 or 15 miles is the only way I'll be able to complete a 50 if this weather continues.


                  Morning all.


                  Got in 4.9 miles around the streets bright and early this morning with the dog. Single digit temps made for a chilly but refreshing run. I've been trying to get in my weekday runs before work lately and have been mostly successful, but not very exciting.


                  QOTD: Nothing new lately. My favorite piece of winter running gear are my Pearl Izumi Alpine pants. Super comfy and warm, usually too warm for around here actually.

                    The pooch slept in while I ran 4.5 miles of trail in the snow. The snow started at the beginning of the run and covered my tracks by the time I got back to the car.


                    QOTD:  I haven't tested them much yet, but I like my new Katoolah Microspikes.


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                      Snow day from work,


                      Once I get done cleaning and the snow stops I will venture out for 5 miles in the snow.


                      I'm liking the indoor cycling too right now too.  I'm starting to build back up my consistency and weekly mileage for running, which is generally a difficult time for me because I feel like I'm not doing enough with the shorter runs.  Adding in the cycling on the indoor rollers has been a great fill in and I don't worry about getting injured like I would if I was overdoing it with the running.


                      QOTD: Nothing special.  I have a tough time coming off of money for gear that I can't use for a good portion of the year.  I'm a fan of layering.

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                        I'm in a funk, so therefore running sucks so I'm not running today.  Somebody kick my ass back into gear  please, before the Blearch turns me back into a fat slob!


                        QOTD: wife bought me gloves with special finger tips that let you use your phone while wearing them.  Not that I had any issues before that.

                        Last years DIY Screw shoes are still my favorite winter gear.

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                          My achilles pain has subsided with 2 days of rest, and didn't hurt while on the elliptical last night. I may try to run in the snow later, but then again this seems like a good night to go home and cuddle with my dog and drink hot cocoa.


                          QOTD: I have a pair of lightweight, windproof gloves from Mountain Hardwear which are really nice. Also I like the new Oiselle jacket I just got on sale, haven't run with it yet but's very warm and fleecy.

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                          Endless trails

                            I'm in a funk, so therefore running sucks so I'm not running today.  Somebody kick my ass back into gear  please, before the Blearch turns me back into a fat slob!



                            Those things suck, especially in winter. I don't have any solutions but hang in there. Whenever I'm able to push

                            past it and run anyway I always feel better.

                                Somebody kick my ass back into gear  please, before the Blearch turns me back into a fat slob!


                              I would love to kick your ass...but I also did not run this cold and icey.  If I don't hit the treadmill tonight then you can kick my ass.  It's the holiday season and food is abound so Muppy you better getting running.

                              qotd:  nothing.  Cry

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                                So. Damn. Cold. Here.   I need to move.   It'll be another run in below zero "feels like" temps tonight.  I might go run in circles around the dog park, so at least the dog and I can bail if it gets too bad for my puppy's feet.


                                QOTD: I haven't bought any new gear in a long time.  But my polar buff has proved invaluable in this weather.