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new twist in missing runner from Montana (Read 58 times)

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    Jim Ryan went missing in February near Butte, MT where his vehicle was discovered and he was believed to be trail running near Homestake Pass.  Many local runners have helped in the search with no sign of the man.  Yesterday police released information that he was suspected in embezzling more than $175,000 from the union he worked for-hmmmmmmmmm.


    Gator eye

      Go on take the money and run.


        Wow, I wouldn't want to be him if he is found on an island somewhere with the cash.  That woman leading the running group will kick his ass!!!

        Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


          Sounds like a case where the heat got too hot, and he chose to bail.



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            Another benefit of being an endurance runner

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            A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man


            running under the BigSky

              Another benefit of being an endurance runner