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Uh oh... now what?

    Another appointment with a doctor.  Grumble, grumble -- it is at nine a.m., but in a nearby off-island city; Mt. Vernon.  Where can we run?  City?  Grumble grumble --- Google ... hmmm, really?  Right on the edge of town?  Yes!!  Little Mountain Park --- http://<wbr><wbr>map/


    A couple of hours after leaving the good (?) doctor's office all was well and several miles of new trails had felt our feet.  Eagles, ravens, skunk cabbage, huckleberries, and the ghosts of tree fell many years ago--beautiful trails--all ours until about a hundred yards from the end--thank you.




    Endless trails

      Outstanding display of time management and resourcefulness, with a little gratuity at the end.


        Sounds like you had a good trip off of the island after all.


          Nice !!!!  Hope the Dr. appointment went ok.


          Thanks for the inspiration.  I have to go to Nashville this weekend to help my DS with a move.  Since he'll no doubt sleep in on Saturday morning, I've already scoped out a nice 15 miler to/from and all through a local park.  The trails look pretty sweet.  

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          Refurbished Hip

            Doctors!  What do they know, anyway?  How are you healing, John?  I forget what was wrong, but I remember you had a long period of time off.