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    Marley was determined to go with me this morning even though she is supposed to be restricted to walking for another day. I took her along but kept the pace at an easy jog and kept her on a leash. My easy jog is her fast walk so I think it was OK. Anyway we did an easy 7 miles of trail. Funny thing is we wound up averaging closer to what we have been doing pace wise than I would have thought.


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      3-mile jog with my brother on forest bike paths in a sunny Stockholm. I'll up it to six miles tomorrow if the foot doesn't start hurting.


      QOTD:  Are you doing any conscious technique work to improve the way you run?


      I'm consciously trying to lift my knee higher when I run uphill. I've found that if I just manage to get the leg up there, I usually have the power to propel myself upward. My hip flexors are the bottleneck when I climb.

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        15.7 mile bike commute into the office today.  I'll do it again on my way home.  I also ran last night...still having issues.


        QOTD: In terms of form?  No, not really.  I'm just trying to run in general these days.

        Wandering Wally

          8.8 miles on the trails yesterday.


          QOTD - Not really.  When I get tired and I notice my form breaking down I'll concentrate on leading with my kneecaps.  It helps me make sure I lift my feet and not shuffle.

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            Day 2 of prescribed rest by the chiro after so good ART on my back, glute, and hip on the right on Monday. Took the dogs for a half hour walk. Back, glutes, and hip are feeling better. I get to do a 3 miler tomorrow then will report to my chiro to discuss what the rest of my mileage for the week should be. I go back next Tuesday for another torture treatment.


            QOTD: I work on trying to land with my foot under my hip instead of out in front. I used to be the worst heel striker and had constant ITB trouble on my left side. When running up hill I work on keeping proper form, no slouching, shoulders back and relaxed, bum tucked in, and belly button pulled towards my spine, really helps with the right side back and glute pain I suffer from on a daily basis.


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              Good morning all,


              7 today...on the roads.  I really need to start putting the effort in to get out onto the trails, but work has been unpredictable lately and late days are becoming the norm.


              QOTD: I'm always working on something...not necessarily changes, but points of emphasis (I confess...I read Brain Training for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald...he says concentrate on some part of your form every time).  Last night I tried to concentrate on efficiently running down hills and using ankle lean to control speed.  Posture is always an issue with me also (running and otherwise).

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                Morning all!

                Not sure what is in store for me today.  Had planned a strength session and a short run, but I may run out of time.  I am heading into a 'staff retreat' for the next couple of days, so I know that I really will need to get out running for my sanity's sake.


                TT- good to hear Marley is wanting to get out with you again.


                qotd:  not working on form, per se, but rather speed.  Or rather, not slowing down as the direction my body seems to want to go in....


                  6 on the road/rail trail/real trail this a.m.  My hips are weirdly hurting, I think  from logging a lot of road/paved trail miles over the weekend while on vacation - just planning on running through it.


                  QOTD:  Not really.  On uphills I occasionally remind myself to stay upright and to keep my stride short, and on downhills I occasionally remind myself that I suck at running downhill and I should really figure out how to do it better, but I generally don't have a conscious focus on my form.

                    I was so tired last night I skipped my run. That hasn't happened in awhile. I am trying my best to rest up before beginning 50 miler training in July so I am listening to what my body wants.


                    Tonight I will get out there for sure. I am feeling much better than yesterday! Undetermined route and mileage at this time....


                    QOTD: Not really, though I always try to take shorter strides and engage my core more. I tend to overstretch my stride a LOT.

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                      5 miles early this morning before my flight to London.  Nothing special.


                      qotd:  No.  Just typical training with lots of miles (for me) and a bit of core work.

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                        Morning trailers,


                        Got in 8 miles on pavement, with a 2 mile trail section. Much better conditions today, the

                        temp and humidity was ideal for running.


                        Damn, Mandy, WTF? You've been injured almost as long as I've been out of work. We need

                        to start our own support group. Good job still getting out there on the bike.


                        QOTD: I happen to be the model of running efficiency and perfect form. Not consciously working

                        on anything right now, but I do remind myself of things toward the end of LR's, like "man, I really

                        need to work on my core."


                        Hey, where's Kelly been? Did something happen?


                          Good morning all.  6 miles yesterday evening with our dog--she didn't care for the speed that I wanted to go at, which wasn't fast, but was fast for us.  We ended up having to stop twice to play in the river.   I love that dog.


                          QOTD:  I am trying to remember not to lean forward at the waist when I go uphill because it makes my back hurt the next day. And I'm also trying to remember to pick up my feet a little more, since I'm pretty darned good at stumbling and falling over rocks, roots, and anything else my feet can find.



                          TrailTromper: I'm glad to hear your dog is on the mend!

                          Refurbished Hip

                            Damn, Mandy, WTF? You've been injured almost as long as I've been out of work. We need

                            to start our own support group. Good job still getting out there on the bike.


                            Hey, where's Kelly been? Did something happen?


                            I'm broken, dude.  I hit 30 and my body said, "No more!"

                            Kelly is still on the username list.  Hasn't logged in since Monday though.  (Yes, I can stalk you people... Wink)


                              Hello all!


                              6.8 miles along the river trail last night, with the dog and pushing DS in the stroller. Probably more of the same tonight.


                              QOTD: Not really. Every once in a while if things are feeling out of whack I will try to focus on what I'm doing and get it straightened out, but I mostly just try to enjoy the run without putting too much thought into what I'm doing.


                                No running the past two days so I'll get something in today.


                                QOTD: As my long runs get longer I notice that when I get tired my body just sinks down. Whenever I notice I make it a point to make my back straight again. That's about it.