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Muddy Mondays (Read 36 times)


    I got in 6 and a quarter miles yesterday evening.  I've decided to stop doing long runs for now since the baby is due any day.  I don't want to get a call when I'm 2 hours from the trail head (or worse, miss the call since I can't get cell reception.)


    QOTD:  See any wildlife lately?


    I've been steering clear of some of the more remote trails since it is the season when everything is fattening up for hibernation.  So, no bears and more importantly,no mountain lions (although I'd really love to see a lion from a distance).  The only wildlife I've seen lately was a crawdad in the river when my dog stopped for a drink, and of course, plenty of flock of birds moving on for the colder season.

      The pooch and I had a nice 5 mile trail run.  The fall colors are just getting started here.


      QOTD: We always see wildlife here.  Pretty much every run we see deer, squirrels, and waterfowl.  Fairly frequently we see turkeys, eagles, hawks, beavers, raccoon, foxes, chipmunks, and other critters.  It is getting more likely to see bears here, but we have not yet seen any.


      Tallahassee, Florida


        Spent my time working on the house this weekend, so I didn't run. I'll do 5 or so this evening.


        QOTD: My last run was Thursday evening after work. I saw one hen turkey, six little turkeys, and one big gobbler. Turkeys are pretty much the only animals I am interested in seeing. I love them. I could watch them all day long; in fact, several times, I have literally watched them all day long. I waited on one last spring for 11 hours before I finally got a shot.


        Occasional Runner

          I'm taking a few days off because I have an FKT coming up this weekend in the Cascade Mountains.


          I finished September with 343 miles, so that's enough anyway.


          QOTD: Buffalo...lost and lots of buffalo.

          Wandering Wally

            Resting today.  10 lovely miles in the woods yesterday.  The colors are getting to be really nice.


            QOTD - A bunch of squirrels yesterday.  Apparently the deer got the memo that bow season opens tomorrow as they were no where to be seen.

            Run!  Just Run!


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            Endless trails

              SRD for me today. I have a package being delivered today, I'm joining

              the high tech era of running; an entry-level Garmin watch. Goodbye

              1993 and my trusty Timex.


              QOTD: Saturday morning I was running on technical trails for 3 plus hours

              without a single misstep, I saw a fox and as I stopped to watch it I tweaked

              my ankle on a root. Not a real twist so I continued, totally worth it, pretty cool

              looking fox checking me out.


                Morning!  Got in a 10K road race yesterday with DS.  Don't ban me, it was at the dogfish brewery, with plenty of beer tickets at the end, so it was worth it.  DS won his age group- 10-13.  But, truth be told, he was the only 10K runner under 20.  The prize was a bottle opener.  DH and I will put it to good use.


                Today, I hope to get in a few miles tonight.


                Sugnim-- the last few weeks can seem as long as the previous 9 months!   I hope your SO is doing well in this last stretch.

                Jon-- congrats on graduating 1993.  enjoy the garmin!


                qotd:  deer.  Lots and lots of deer.


                  6.6 on road/rail trail this a.m.  Ran a trail 10K yesterday  - beautiful morning for an inaugural race organized by a few guys I run with on Sundays.  Ran the 1.5 mi kids race beforehand with 4 of my kids (bringing up the rear with my 7 year old) - this was on a fairly tough stretch of the 10K course, so not really a "fun run", but the kids all had a good time (and honestly ran faster from the finish line to the bagel and juice table than they did on the trail).  The 10K was a good course, mostly single track and some challenging climbs.  I ran fine, came in 11th - frustrated that I could see the next four guys within 200-300 yards and could never reel them in.  I feel like I've lost a bit of speed with a lot of longer (for me) training over the last couple of months.  Anyway, tapering this week for Nipmuck Trail Marathon on Sunday.


                  QOTD:  Often see deer and rabbits, occasionally turkeys.


                  Faster Than Your Couch!

                    Haven't experienced any mud lately, as the weather has been dry, as usual in early fall here.


                    But, the weather forecast for this week and the weekend looks very promising - lots of rain, making lots of mud. Getting there!  Surprised


                    Planning on a shorter run later.


                    QOTD: I often see wildlife, mostly birds, but I have also seen deer, a porcupine, groundhogs, and all the little rodent critters on my runs lately. No snakes and no bears, and honestly, I don't desperately miss them.


                    Edit: And I've seen a pair of green glowballs on my night run - cat or racoon, probably.

                    Run for fun.


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                      Happy Monday all,


                      Resting the foot, but I'll get started on the core/upper body/nutrition stuff today.  I feel like I need a new level of seriousness to be ready to run 50.


                      Qotd: sadly nothing comes to mind.  Guess that means I need more time in the woods.

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                        Hoping for a long run tomorrow am since it will be me and the boys Wednesday through Friday ...


                        QOTD: deer, coyotes, rabbits, glad I have not seen a mountain lion lately

                        running under the BigSky

                          strength training this evening- not as fun as running to be sure


                          qotd: grouse numbers (blue, ruffed) seem to be up and am seeing quite a few along the trails (it's about 50:50 who is startling who!), have been seeing a good number of mule deer as well- the normal high number of sightings of smaller critters- squirrels, chipmunks, song birds, etc


                          bear tracks, but no bears of yet- no lion tracks, but w/ the high number of deer I'm certain I'll bump into some lion sign


                            Did 5 miles after work today.  I don't normally run on Mondays, but I didn't run yesterday since I was on the plane all day.  Still warm around here, but better than 2 weeks ago, this evening it was in the upper 80's.


                            sugnim: fingers crossed for an easy delivery for you and your SO, very exciting!


                            qotd: see lots of birds around here, the larger ones that I think are cool are the egrets and herons.  We also have lots of large hawks and a few eagles.  Also lots of rabbits, squirrels and snakes.  2 weeks ago I was running in the park and came up on a pair of deer I stopped and we all stared at each other for a minute or so until some guy on a mountain bike came by, the guy on the bike never saw them cause they bolted before he even got close.

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