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ultralist (Read 48 times)

    Anyone else having trouble getting to it today?

    I've been trying but I keep getting some error about "server probably not started" and "archives not available"


    maybe it's just a me problem.

    Occasional Runner

      I honestly didn't even know that site still existed.

      Uh oh... now what?

        Yes... server is down.  Was okay this morning, could be the Thanksgiving reboot... ?

          Aha! many thanks, John!


          Lace: I like to check in there once in a while to see what's going on. it's definitely a different crowd than this place. Smile

          Refurbished Hip

            So that's why my e-mail was so quiet...


            And I even get it in digest mode.


              I am glad that thing still exists. It has a wealth of knowledge.



                Lots of knowledge there, but way too much traffic for me

                3/8 Way Too Cool 50k WNS

                4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k