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    Spring is popping up...kind of.  Temps are slowly rising...birds are chirping...some flowers are trying to bloom...trees are budding.  I got in 6 miles early this morning.  It was slow slow slow.  I had agreed on a 30 day ab workout with DW to help support her.  She says she thinks it will help me too.  We'll see.  I am not sore from the supposed 15 minute workout last night but I have to admit it was tough.  I have long legs and many of the exercises had to do with extending the legs.  I am so not flexible.  So we'll see how this goes.


    QOTD: Do you remember your first running shoes? Were they really running shoes? Did you know anything about running shoes then?


    I ran in Nike Pegasus in high school XC but really many years before I started running again in 2008.  I started in a cheap pair of Nike that probably weren't really made for running.  After a couple months, I switched to a pair of NB I bought off ebay that "looked like running shoes". I ran my first HM in them and then decided I had no clue about shoes.  So then I went to a running store and thus began my journey of learning about the many facets of the running shoe business.


    Have a great day!

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      7.5 on the road/rail trail this a.m. - clear, cool morning in CT, beautiful full-ish moon and sunrise.


      QOTD:  I think the Nike Pegasus was my first running shoe as well, in middle school.  I then ran in chunky, structured NB models for a few years in high school, which has put me off NB permanently.


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        Good morning all,


        I have 5.5 planned for after work.  Longer days = lots more trails for me.  I put together a game plan for getting ready for Ironmasters at the end of April and I dont have a single road run planned between now and June Smile.


        QOTD: In middle school XC I can remember having a really light weight pair of addidas that I really liked.  I recall being disappointed with whatever I used to replace them.  More recently, I bought a pair of Nike Shocks when a co-worker of mine talked me into doing morning runs with him.  He bought the same pair (what a yutz).  I don't know if those are considered running shoes, but knowing what I know now I wouldn't recommend walking in them.  I still have those since they really didn't get a lot of wear.

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          I just ran the streets in my neighborhood this morning. It was 46 degrees and it felt great. I'm just testing my recovery right now and trying to keep my legs turning over.


          QOTD: My first running shoes were a pair of Nike cross trainers, made of leather. I didn't know they made shoes specific to running. That was 3 years ago.


            Morning all!


            13.6 miles with ~4000 ft elev gain for the dog and I last night. My first trip all the way to the top of the La Luz trail and back down in a while, felt really good to get up above 10,000ft again. I love running up high where the air is thin! There were a few sketchy areas of snow and ice left, but not too bad. Aiming for 8ish tonight.


            QOTD: Not really. I know I just used some hand me downs when I first started running, which was pretty minimal for years. A few years ago I picked up my first trail shoes which were Asics Gel Trabuco. Saw them on sale and thought they looked cool so I bought them. They ended up being way too supportive for me I guess, I still use them as general everyday wear around shoes.


              Todays a cross training day for me. I'll hit the gym after work for a little strength training.


              QOTD: my first running shoes were a pair of saucony's that were on sale at the hardware and sporting good store for $35. i got them about two years ago. I still use them for cross training.

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                Sorry Jamzilla and Digdug - I totally was hesitant to start the daily but there was

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                  All good...made me laugh.

                  6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                  A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man


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                    We should build a calendar and assign responsibility for each day.


                    At least this forum is getting traffic. I hopped over the other trail runner forum on RA this morning and there hasn't been a post there of any kind in a week. I remember when we all migrated here, there was so much debate about joining that group and some the "regulars" over there were worried about the increased traffic. WTF?! They have NO traffic. This is the only active trail forum on RA.



                      Seems as if spring is finally showing it's hand around the country.  Glad to hear so many got out this am to enjoy it.  Me, yoga planned for lunch.  I really need it.  Then, 5 miles tonite with the running group.


                      qotd:  I started running HS track with tennis shoes, tretorns to be specific.  Had lots of issues with shin splints, too.  Roll eyes  My first real running shoes were the Nike air pegasus.   Funny to think back at how limited the options were then (and for me, this is 25+ yrs).  And DigDug, I bet I had those same clunky NBs.  Grey, ran in them for years.  Same effect on my shoe buying-- never again.

                        The pooch and I had a great 8 mile trail run this morning.


                        QOTD: Yep Brooks Addiction.  I was a cyclist and had a slow healing wrist injury that really bothered me when riding.  So I decided at age 57 to try running.  The LRS fitted me with the Addiction.


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                          Getting ready to head out the door for what will likely be my 10k road loop. I wanted to get up on the mountain but since I have to be at work at 3 this afternoon I'll probably just settle for a road run.


                          QOTD: The first shoes I ran in would have been cheap general purpose sneakers. No idea what the brand would have been but even 3-4 miles left me with sore feet. When I decided to start running on a more regular basis I went into a running store and came out with the Nike Pegasus. I had two pairs of those over the years and they always did a good job for me. I retired the last pair when I started trail running two years ago.

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                            Set my alarm at 5 but couldn't get out of bed (I went to sleep around 12:30....) I brought my clothes to work, so I'll be heading out for 6 or 7 tonight from work.


                            QOTD: I had a pair of Mizunos that were totally wrong for my feet, and developed a knee problem so I thought I wasn't cut out to be a runner. Then a couple years later, I bought a pair of customized Nike Shox because they were pretty. Not surprisingly, I started having foot problems with those too! Then I was finally fitted at a good running store with a pair of Asics Cumulus', and I wore several pairs of those for years before they totally changed the shoe. My most recent shoes have all been Brooks (Cascadias, Ghosts, and PureFlows) and I'm pretty happy with them.

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                              Good morning all! Both beasts joined me last night for about 6.5 mi of hills and mud at Monocacy Hill. Pleasant weather compared to the chilly temps of last week. My spaniel stopped short on a sweet section of downhill right in front of me and I took a nice tumble to the earth trying to avoid him. Hit the gym this morning for some weights, the chiro for some back cracking an estim, and will run over at FrenchCreek or HayCreek tonight for 8 miles or so.


                              QOTD: I guess it would be my Chuck Taylor AllStar's back in junior high basketball. Death Valley's (line sprints) and laps around the court. In grown up years some sort of cheap trainers. In 2003 I purchased my first "real" running shoes, Mizuno Alchemy's.

                              In dog beers, I've only had one.

                              Uh oh... now what?

                                Early loop on the 3ish, check to see if any more of the island has slid off into the strait, listened to owls and wondered why they are up so late or early, going to some trail we haven't been to for two or three years to see in they added some new old growth sections.


                                QOTD:  adidas Country, the white shoes with green stripes, advertised as a training shoe for cross country folks.  I had them resoled three or four times (something unavailable now).  I think they were real running shoes.  Next up NB 670.  I can think of some shoes that were popular then ('84-'87) that are gone, not the model, but the whole company--Kangaroo and Sako, both were very good shoes with poor marketing.  Sako was one of the few shoes for supinators, American made--loved that shoe.