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    Good morning!


    I have a few miles on tap today. It will be my first running effort since my foot pain flare up on Monday. I am going to get some athletic tape and try to tape it if it still gives me problems. I think it is either metarsalgia or maybe a stress fracture. But...if I have to run with a freakin' cast on I am going to run the marathon next Saturday.


    qotd: Are there running  items on your Christmas lists this year? My list includes a merino wool buff for well as protein bars and honey stinger bites for fueling. There are big items too....a new hydration backpack and micro spikes.


    Have a great day with lots of happy miles!

      I will be riding the bike with DD and SIL later so I will probably not run today.  Marley probably won't mind since she had DD's dog to play with.


      QOTD: Nothing other than socks and micro spikes.  I am pretty well stocked up on everything else.


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        Dragging my feet this morning, I guess because it's Satuday. Wink When I finally head out the plan will be 13-15 on the roads. I know, I know, but this run does serve a purpose in my so-called plan. Back on some technical stuff tomorrow. Maybe watch the Badger game this afternoon, at least we still have one good team around here.


        QOTD--No running items needed but I should remind my better half about John's book. Come March when the REI rebates come out I'll take a look at a new headlamp maybe.


          Good morning, trailers.  I did just 2 miles this morning along the river, and I found my first geocache!  That was way more fun that finding a box of trinkets should be, but I had a good time.


          QOTD:  Just a nice Christmas run.


            Hoping for just a fun run .... no GPS, no Strava stats, just chill


            QOTD: I got a gift certificate for runningwarehouse yesterday, so I will at least bag some swag there .... Wink


              Lightly snow covered trails this morning for our run.  Heard many gunshots rattling through the hills.  Must be target practice for Monday's opening day of deer season.


              QOTD:  Drymax socks are always on my list (I can't find my red winter pair).  Need a new headlamp as well.


                Hi all!  7 miles in rock creek park.  It started out rough as I was feeling the effects of several days of eating and drinking, but I eventually warmed up and had a great run.  Took my time and explored a couple of new trail sections.  First half was running through beds of leaves, second half was running across a thin film of mud over frozen ground.   Came across a coyote's dinner from last night-- the remains of a raccoon in the middle of the trail.


                qotd:  no, I don't 'need' anything, but I could easily come up with a list..  If someone gave me a new icebreaker merino 1/4 zip, I'd be pretty happy.

                  It started out rough as I was feeling the effects of several days of eating and drinking, but I eventually warmed up and had a great run.  

                  I'm feeling the same as maybe I'll do what she did and just go out for some lazy miles.  Long run is tomorrow.


                  QOTD:  I don't expect to get anything for Christmas....

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                    Afternoon all,


                    I did a trail 5k this morning.  It went up and down a few times, then it happened again (2 loops).  It took me 22:17, I finished 20th, and missed winning my age group by 16 days (when I turn 30).  The race required about an hour of travel each way, which breaks my rule of travel time<race time.  The reason I did this race is because is was a benefit run for a couple* who lost their daughter to an off campus housing fire at her college (Marris).  The husband is a pipefitter who I work with pretty frequently (nicest guy you could ever meet).  Also my work helped to sponsor the event (I was the only one who attended).


                    *The couple doesn't keep the money, they use it for helping educate college students on fire safety, and even successfully lobbied for a government req'd fire safety information package to be handed out to students.



                    QOTD: I have micro spikes on the list.

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                      Going out for 15 on the trails now. Unfortunately the fog rolled in early today, but it will be nice anyway.


                      QOTD: I do not want what I haven't got. :-)

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