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    Happy Saturday Trailers!


    After a nice flight to JFK and a shitty drive north, we made it to Boston. Jo and I are staying in an enormous mansion tucked away in a hardwood forest, about 30 minutes out of the city. I met the homeowner while he was running the Wasatch 100 last year. While I was filling his hydration pack, he told me I could stay with him if I ever ran Boston. I don't know if the invitation was sincere, but here I am!


    I was directed to an awesome trailhead right down the street and logged 6 early morning trail miles. I hijacked my hosts dog, so I had good company on the trail. I had a freaking blast!


    Random Fact of the Day:You can buy GPS shoes that will guide you home by clicking your heels together.


    QOTD: When you reflect on your pool of close friends, are your closest friends runners?


    All of my closest friends are runners, with the exception of a few mountain bikers.

      Marley and I had a nice, but short 3 mile trail run this morning.  The weather was delightful.


      QOTD: No.  On second thought...  I guess that Marley is a very close friend and she is definitely a runner.


      Tallahassee, Florida

      running under the BigSky

        headed to Missoula for Easter and to pick up my new bike Big grin  will get in a few miles on the new bike this afternoon, maybe a short hike as well


        qotd: most of my close friends are runners


          Lace...what a nice set up. I can see helping out at aid stations can have rewards beyond race day. Nice you had a run with a dog..that is always fun.

          Yesterday's 7 miler tur end into 3ish..a near fall pulled a hamstring and I was a big baby about it and thought best not to push it. I will head out later for a 3-6 miler depending on how it feels.

          Qotd: none of my close friends run. I wish they did. I have two more distant friend who run but are both not running now due to injury.


          Qotd2: what are your Easter traditions? Easter baskets? Church? This will be my first Easter that my grandson will be old enough for a small easter egg hunt. He will have a basket of little Easter treats and we will have an Easter dinner with the family.  Easter for me is a welcome of spring.. not so much a religious holiday.


            20 miles this morning.  It was a grind for the first and last 5 miles, the middle 10 were ok.  Overall I ran a little smoother (and faster) than yesterday, but then again I was on an easier path.


            qotd 1: I'd say about half-n-half.


            qotd 2: Not much now that the kids are older, we used to do small baskets and a nice ham dinner.  I'm still lobbying for the ham.

            Brazos Bend 100 - Dec 9th

            Houston Marathon - Jan 14th


              3 recovery miles this morning with the dog. Turned last nights planned 7 miler into 12 at MP.

              I'm planning on another 4 late tonight with the other dog.


              QOTD: Not really. Most are active in some way or another, but only a few of them run.


              QOTD2: Easter egg hunt, followed by church, then naps. Dinner is TBD. Although, after this mornings episode with the kiddos, the easter bunny might be cancelled and mom and dad will eat all the candy.


              No tantrums! No screaming matches at 5 a.m. !

              Refurbished Hip

                I am going to attempt my first bike ride outside today.  It will be slow and easy, but I will be outside!


                QOTD1: Yes and no.  I've made some really great friends through running, including my SO, but my friends who I have been friends with for decades are not runners.


                QOTD2: I don't celebrate Easter.


                Endless trails

                  I had my first real trail run in weeks, 8 miles of sweet single track. No problems with my calf but now my knee

                  is acting up.


                  Nice cross-training, mt and mm.


                  QOTD: I don't have friends.

                  QOTD: We don't do Easter.


                    5.25 with the devil dog



                    QOTD: Mine are a mix of random folks and with young kids I seem to spend time with folks I can stand but wouldn't necessarily call them close friends.


                      DW and I went for 24 miles on the C&O tow path.  I forgot how much I hate running flat for soooo long.  Beautiful section but on the way back I was fried.  Stomach was sour even before the run and never got better.  I had fish and chips last night and think it did me in.


                      QOTD:  All my friends are least that's what the doctors tell me. (jonferg took my first response.)  People I know very well tell me running will hurt my knees and trail running will hurt my ankles, so I don't play with them.


                      QOTD -2:  Church then brunch with most of the family.  Have no small kids anymore and no grandchildren yet.  Will call our DD1 from brunch and wake her up in Portland.  DD2 isn't coming home from college since the bad winter weather has her all behind, but she'll be home soon.  DS moved back home to save money so he can move out west with his sister by the end of the summer.



                        QOTD: I don't have friends.

                        QOTD: We don't do Easter.


                         I'm your friend and I'm a runner ...


                        ran 50k today with Chnuair (Bjorn) and three other friends.  It was Earl's first 50k meet my goal of under 6 with 5:56...Earl lead the whole way but graciously slowed down and let his old lady cross the line first.


                        qotd:  i have a lot of running friends and one really tight one, Yvonne.  I have some none that I try to get running and have succeed for a few years then they quit.

                        08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

                        08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler



                        Faster Than Your Couch!

                          6.5 on the rail trail, with DS pacing me. He is a fast pacer!


                          QOTD1: I don't have many close friends, just a handful, and some are runners, some aren't. A good mix.


                          QOTD2: We used to do an Easter Egg Hunt (usually the day after the Passover dinner, as we celebrate both occasions) at my sister-in-law's house, with all the kids of the relatives (many are the same age group as mine). Now that my MIL has passed away just recently, we won't be doing it this year. Kids will get a small basket this year, though.

                          Run for fun.


                            Gorgeous ride to the coast, would have felt good about if it I wasn't supposed to do 5x that ride next Saturday.


                            QOTD: Some of them are cyclists, none are really runners yet ...


                            QOTD 2: We are hosting some friends for breakfast .... I am recovering altar boy

                            100K or Bust - Busted

                              7.2 miles mostly on trails until I bonked and took a shortcut back to the car on roads. On the up side I was running sections I'd previously been walking and am feeling more comfortable on the trails. I only got lost once and while I had a few close calls, managed not to fall.


                              QOTD: The majority, a large majority, of my friends are runners.

                              2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility