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    Just getting around to saying hi today, busy at work.  Did 5 early this morning. Just love the weather around here - I'm being possitive...  but ugggggh, only 4 more months to go...  I mean, yay 4 months of this weather left !!!


    qotd:  I make a general plan for about 3 to 4 months out from a goal race (like a 100 miler).  But it's just kind of a plan and I'll deviate from it when I feel like it.  The plan gives the miles to run, and if I'm going long I'll plan out the food/hydration the night before.  Although I know how far I might go, like Snowdenrun said, sometimes I don't decide which way I'm going until I get to the corner.

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      It's just a little 50K called Speedgoat.


      ...just kidding, that would be a cool one to start out with though. It's called the TARC Fall Classic in

      Carlisle, Ma (outside Boston). TARC is the Trail Animals Running Club. I dnf'd a 50k (at 25miles) in

      April, this is my chance to do it right and kick ass!

      That freaked me out! I'm running speedgoat and I don't want it to be coming up anytime soon!