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Flurry Friday (Read 221 times)


    Good morning folks!  I hope it's OK if I start the daily thread today.


    4 miles last night squeezed into the hour between getting off work & yoga class.  It was dark, and there was the occasional snow flake, but not really enough to say it was snowing.  We need some white stuff over here!


    QOTD:  Where is the absolutely coolest place you've ever gone for a run?


    For me, it was Kauai.  We went there for our 10 year anniversary last spring, and running along a little beach-front trail before sunrise was so wonderful, I can't even explain it.  The air there feels so awesome to breathe & move through.

      Good evening! Short run this afternoon (33 minutes or so). My husband was off work (yesterday was Independence Day, so he and the kid both get a 4-day weekend), so we went out to run at the same time. Ran the same route, but in opposite directions so we met up on the stretch through the woods on Pikisaari island. Then came home to the sauna.


      sugnim--Kaui sounds wonderful! 


      QOTD: Hmm. I have a bad track record of getting out for runs when we're on vacation, so virtually all of my runs have been either in Indianapolis or Finland. Scenery is better here, trails are better back home. Ask me again next year.

        Morning folks! 5.5 mediocre miles along the multi use path to the waterfalls. I ate way too much at a Christmas party last night and I could feel it this morning. 



        QOTD: umm, I'm not one who cares much for scenery while I run (Due to the focus i require to stay upright and out of ditches) And "cool" is not something I am accused of very often, and therefore not very experienced with. Running in the back country of Zion National park is pretty neat. 

        Occasional Runner

          Good morning Trailers! 


          I ran 6 miles to the gym and then had a nice core workout. Now I'm heading out for 15 trail miles in the Wasatch. Should be a great run.


          QOTD: That's tough. Probably Dominica last January. I ran a trail race there and was in total awe of the scenery. I've run in a lot of truly amazing and inspiring places though. If you asked next week, I might have a totally different answer.

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            Rest day # I lost count.  My calendar says this is the end of week 5.


            QOTD: Probably the miles I have put in on the North Shore of Lake Superior on the Superior Hiking Trail.  I've been up there twice now and I can't wait to go back.  Of course running along the Atlantic on hard packed sand while watching dolphins play in the ocean was nice too.


              10 speedy miles last night. It was good.


              Sug: I would love to run in the snow again.

              Manhole: When are you guys coming back to the states?

              Birdwell: Every run should be inspiring to you. You live in a great place.

              Lace: Enjoy the Wasatch.

              Mandy: I have heard there are epic runs to be had along Lake Superior.


              QOTD: The coolest place I have ever gone for a run would have to be in the Leatham Hollow area along the Bear 100 course. In general, anywhere along the Wasatch Range is a wonderful place to run.



                Happy Friday! Cross training today: 3400 yards in the pool followed by weight lifting.


                QOTD:  The first time I ran across the GWB from NYC to NJ was pretty dam cool.



                Endless trails

                  Heading out for a short one soon, 6-7 road/trail. I was a little concerned yesterday,

                  during and after a 9 mile run I had some quirky pain in left ankle and calf. It was a 

                  concern bc it changed my form a little. I massaged, iced, and foam rolled last night

                  and today it feels fine. 


                  QOTD: Lake Chabot park in Castro Valley, CA. A close 2nd would be Redwood Park

                  in Oakland hills. I've also stopped mid-run a thousand times and said to myself

                  "wow, that's pretty cool" about something that I may not have seen if I weren't running.

                  Uh oh... now what?

                    I'll follow sugnim's lead (time zones and all that) and post last evening's attempt.

                    I fell victim to a trick not played for several years.  We did a short run in the park

                    that ended with Kathy suddenly taking off, muttering over her shoulder something

                    about kicking all the way to the car.  Kicking?  Right... I moseyed along with about

                    a quarter mile to go.  I heard the car start, didn't think anything of it.  I heard the

                    car moving.  Okay, she is coming to save me a couple of hundred yards?  Uh oh,

                    a vague memory (they all are) starts to form.


                    From a barely rolled down window, "You can make it home without a flashlight

                    if you hurry," and she drove away leaving me looking at my watch.  Twenty-four

                    minutes to sunset, a mile and a half of trail followed by two and a half miles of

                    paved bike path or shoulder to the house.  I guess I better hurry.


                    QOTD:  Where is the absolutely coolest place you've ever gone for a run?


                    I don't have one.  I have been at this too long to have just one.  The ice fields on

                    the Jasper-Banff course at two in the morning with lightning all around.  The

                    trails through the Chiricahuas??  Anything in the redwoods.  Old growth runs.

                    Death Valley or White Sands late at night under a full moon... empty city streets

                    when we noticed the snow had started and we went out at about two a.m.

                    Sorry, it is fun to see the fragments, but I have no favorite.

                    Wandering Wally

                      Morning all.  Got out for 6.2 miles this morning in the pre-dawn gloom.  Definitely too warm for snow today.  I had to take my gloves off as my hands were roasting.


                      qotd - My running experience is limited.  For now the coolest place I have ever run is along the Manistee River on the North Country Trail.  It's just one panoramic view after another.

                      Run!  Just Run!


                      Trail Runner Nation Podcast


                        Manhole: When are you guys coming back to the states?


                         Me, Mr. Manhole, and the little utility access will be home mid-January. I forget the exact date--maybe the 16th.


                          SRD today.  Going to spend 4 hours in the car driving to Radford, VA to see my youngest sing at her college Christmas Concert.  Will have to find somewhere to run tomorrow.


                          QOTD:  On a trip to Ireland about 12 years ago I went out for an early run and found some trails.  I followed a beautiful trail along a lake and the got deep in the woods.  After a few miles I popped out at the ruins for Muckross Abbey.  Was there in the early morning light, and the direction I cam from I never saw a parking lot or any signs..  Just me and this 550 year old church ruins.  Gave me chills.  



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                            SRD for me today. Got in 15 miles last night on the mtn bike and it was a blast.  Staying low key with a race on Sunday.



                            Be well,





                              Still taking a SRD.  However I did put my name in the MMT 100 lottery.  What can I say, peer pressure from a friend of mine...


                              qotd:  Wow, I don't know where to start, I've been very fortunate to travel alot with the job and I run wherever I go. I guess a short list would be... the parts of the Hardrock trail I did in CO, Western States trail in CA, Italy, Jeju Island Korea, Norway, Denmark, Dorsett England, Japan, Pinhoti trail ....    the list is long. 

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                                After last night's crappy run with a twisted ankle, when the alarm went off at 6:00 am I shut it off and went back to bed.  I thought I'd forgotten to throw my running clothes in the dryer.  Little did I know that my wife had done it for me.  I threw a bagin the car for a run tonight, only to be reminded that our Daughter's 4H group is doing a bowling and pizza tonight at the Bowling alley, at 6:00 pm.  My procrastination has bitten me in the ass once more. 


                                I may try to escape for one round around the park today midday.  Cold (40 deg) and foggy, but clearing.  It may elevate my mood.