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Faster Than Your Couch!

    Good Morning,


    Let's get started.


    Planning on either a trail run, or a track workout around noon.

    I got in 6 quick miles yesterday, it was windy and cool, but I had a nice run.


    QOTD: What is your pre-race breakfast?


    Mine: Oatmeal with raisins, nuts and a bit of brown sugar. Keeps me going for a while.


    Enjoy the day, everyone!

    Run for fun.

      Hi all!


      Have a good run, Faster!


      SRD today. Well, my schedule is sort of make it up as I go, but I got up totally meaning to rest today, and so far I've managed to hold to that.


      QOTD: A slice of whole-grain toast with peanut butter and half a cup of coffee. It's my regular pre-run breakfast--I don't dare do anything different on race day. If I get up early and don't run for a few hours, I might have a second piece of toast or a banana.


        Good morning!


        I'm planning a run with DS tonight around 4-5 miles after work & school.  He wants to run a HM next year (run 13 when turns 13).  I haven't decided yet  if this is a good idea, but we're working on building his base and we'll see where this goes.


        QOTD:  I suspect I'm not as disciplined as FTYC and Majope.  I get a banana in, an energy bar of some sort.  Getting better with a pb&j, lately.

          For what it's worth, my son walked a half when he was 12, and ran his first at 13. He had no problems. From what I've observed with him, kids have incredible powers of recovery.


          Endless trails

            Morning, folks.


            Had to take an URD yesterday, after several weeks of beating on my legs it

            finally caught up with me. After two weeks of 45+ miles, with no race in the 

            near future I figured I'd try that rest thing I keep hearing about. I'm heading 

            up to Boston with my DW on Saturday so she can see a show w/ a friend, I'll

            have about 3 hours to kill in Fells Reservation. They just had a 32/40 mile

            Ultra there last week so it'll be cool to get to know the trails for the next race.


            QOTD: Oatmeal with banana and raisin, or my other favorite; banana and pb

            toast sandwich. 


              Morning all!


              3 miles this morning. My hip started tightening up, but overall it was a good run. It was a chilly 31 degrees. I shouldn't complain after having 60-70 degree weather for a few days.


              QOTD: I usually have a granola bar or banana but it depends what's around the house. Today, I had a piece of toast with peanut butter. Yum!



                Good morning.  I'm planning to squeeze a few miles between work & my yoga for runners class at 6:00 this evening.  It's supposed to snow, so hopefully my SO will be sweet & bring me a towel & change of clothes!


                QOTD:  Usually it's a cup of coffee and rice Chex with a banana & soy milk 2 hours before I run.

                Refurbished Hip

                  Went on a hiking date yesterday for 6.5 miles at Blue Mound State Park.  Happy to report that my groin didn't act up at all!  Still resting though.


                  QOTD: 2-3 Eggo waffles and probably part of a banana. 

                    Day 20 of operation no run and build your core strength!!!!!! Only 10 more days before I get back to it.


                    Everyone who runs after work are champs in my book...and it looks like a lot of you do. I work 4 10s so by the time work is done I am in no mood to go for a run. I'm an early bird.


                    qotd: I always eat some ezekiel 4 9 cereal with a banana and almond milk. Delicious and good for you.


                    Have a good day all!


                      Morning folks I hope all is well.


                      Got in 3.5 yesterday then had to take care of wife and kids due to my wife having a migraine all day. Will get in 4-5 at lunch today just will depend on how my day goes here in the office.


                      QOTD: long race I eat eggs and bagel with cream cheese. Short races Nada.



                      FTYC: Enjoy which ever run you do


                      Majope: Enjoy the rest


                      runtrail: Nice quality time with the boy


                      Jon: Have fun in Boston this weekend


                      Toy and Sug: Enjoy


                      Mandy: saying date and no groin problem with this group is dangerous!


                        I had Unit PT this morning. We did a partnered strength workout, followed by a mile run. I'll probably put 3 or 4 miles in after work.


                        QOTD: Bagel w/ nutella, banana, and coffee

                          Morning all! Got an hour in at the pool this morning. Swam about 1.5 miles or so. I may try to get in 5 or 6 miles tonight after a Christmas party. 


                          QOTD: 1-2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, made with white cottage bread (preferably from the local Kroger), creamy peanut butter (no particular brand) and Welchs Natural Strawberry Spread. 


                          I get a little persnickety about this particular breakfast. I also use it for all my weekend long runs, regardless of time of day. 

                            Hi All -- I've been lurking  and posting a little bit around here, and formerly lurking over at RW. But figured I might as well post while I'm here....


                            Started off the day with an easy 5 miler by the river and watched the sun rise over the Philly skyline. Sorta makes me wonder why I never run in the morning. It was about 32 degrees, which I far prefer over the warmer temps we've had the past couple of days.


                            QOTD:  Peanut butter Clif  bar and a banana


                            Have a great day! 

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                              Good morning all,


                              SRD for me.  I might actually venture to the mall tonight to buy some new "normal" clothes.  Weegee and I are going out to dinner & drinks with friends on Saturday and I just don't think jeans and a race shirt are going to cut it!  I HATE shopping for clothes though since I never know what to look for and it's tough to find things that fit properly, especially pants.  (I'm 5' 11" and almost all leg).  Wish me luck!


                              qotd: steel-cut oats if I have time to make 'em, or yogurt & granola, or a fruit smoothie & a bagel.

                              Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100


                              Endless trails

                                Went on a hiking date yesterday for 6.5 miles at Blue Mound State Park.  Happy to report that my groin didn't act up at all!  Still resting though.


                                QOTD: 2-3 Eggo waffles and probably part of a banana. 


                                "hiking date" "groin didn't act up". C'mon, Mandy, you're just ASKING for trouble from lace.