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The Dead F'ing Last Dirty German RR (Read 50 times)


Eat to run, Run to eat

    Everybody else published their reports, so I'm last (as usual).


    Short version:

    "Jody went running and jumped some sticks, Yodel-ay-ee Yodel-ay-ee Yodelay- hee hoo

    Ran fifty miles in 12:06 Yodel-ay-ee Yodel-ay-ee Yodel-oh"


    Long Plodding Version:

    The Dirty German Endurance festival was held on May 18  in Pennypack Park, a long skinny stretch of green on the outskirts of North East Philadelphia.  The course was a 15.5 mile figure eight, generally down one side of the creek and up the other.  Three races were running 25K (one lap) 50k (two laps) and 50 mile (three slightly longer laps).  Races started at 8:30. 8:00 and 7:30 respectively.  I ran the 50 k version last year and had a blast, so I had to go for it all this year.
    pre race: Woke at 4:30, had some oatmeal, left at 5:30. arrived at 6:20 for a 7:30AM start.  and dressed up for the race. Body glide all over my feet, between the toes and across my toe tops but especially in the hot spots Ive had in the past.  A new pair of Smartwool socks, Some no-name calf sleeves, then  North face Hayasa II trail shoes, My go-to Blue Nike running shorts, and a black tech short advertising my local runnning club, Hamilton Area Trail Runs.  I setup my drop bag with three bags of supplies, (one for each lap) so I could be in and out pretty quick.  And body glide...lots of that.
    Quick lecture from the RD, and we were off!
    Around 90 runners started the 50M.  I stayed towards the back
    Lap 1 hold me back!!
    I was pacing myself for about a 12 minute pace, knowing I could hold that for two laps and have time left for the third.  The first section of the course had a few puddles; eventually we hit a big one and everyone was lining up to sneak along the one section of dry dirt to one side.  "Banzai!!!" I shouted and ran through the puddle on the other side, passing a number of people.  I try not to slow down for puddles.  I ran a bit with two guys in Marathon Maniacs Shirts  and told them that this was my final race of the three needed to qualify  for MM.  They though that was great, and said that if needed they would carry me through the finish.  Sounded good in theory, but eventually they passed me, leaving me to my own.

    Ran for a while with a couple , and traded places with them a few time on the first lap; since they both stopped whenever one of them had a "need", they were stopping twice as ofeten as I was.  I was walking up hills, to conserve energy.  We crossed over a bridge and down a steep trail to get to Aid station 1/3.
    AS 1/3  had the typical food all ready to go, potatoes, twizzers, PB&J, bananas, several kinds of drinks (including my favorite, beer flavored sports drink) so I grabbed a few of whatever looked good and headed out.  Under the bridge I yelled... there are quite a few bridges/ tunnels and I would usually shout under each one to hear it echo  each one sounded different. Then a climb up my favorite down hill..there was two way traffic for about a mile, which offered a good chance to see the other runners later in the race.  Luckily, I did not see the leaders comin back yet.  Nothing else remarkable about the next section, just several miles of flattish single track..At one point I yodelled under a bridge , "Yodelay-ee, yodelay-ee yodelay he- hoo"! the bit from the sound of music yodelling song, and the person behind me answered back "one little girl in a pale pink coat".. another part of the song.  That was all it took. This god awful tune was now stuck in my head, especially since it is about 180 BPM, just right for running.  Throughout the rest of the day It kept going.  I tried to chase it away with B.O.C "Godzilla", tried rinsing it away with Led Zepplin "The Ocean", even tried to "Give it away" with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which almost worked, ...for awhile. 
    The trail turned onto a paved bike path, and AS2  followed soon after under a bridge.  There was supposed to be a bib marking there (since it was the turnaround) but nobody told the volunteers anything about that.  The 50k leaders started passing me about now.  Several miles of bike path, lots of passers by to say Hi to.  Merge back into the two way section, now there are lots of 25K (and slow 50k) runners coming the other way.  HIt my favortite downhill, and holler in triumph and joy under the bridge, and roll into AS1/3 with the couple I had been running with.  climb a hill to a grassy field, and then through a very twisty section, like a theme park waiting line, looping back and forth  through the trees.  There was supposed to be a mini loop section somewhere to give the 50M runners the full enjoyment of the day...the couple and I wondered of we missed it, but sure enough it was ahead, clearly marked with big signs and a volunteer to keep us all honest-like.  The extension was a bit narrower than single track, with branches brusing us from both sides at once, more like half-track in some places, and even more twisty. we finaly popped back out onto the main trail.  I had been expecting Dani or Mark (TnC and Muppy From Running to pass me at some point, and soon was passed by a likely looking fellow, who indeed was Mark, running the 50k.  We chatted awhile, until we hit an uphill I needed to walk up.  We were getting closer to the finish, and Could hear the accordion playing in full volume welcoming the 25K runners to the finish, and the rest of us to the party.  Unfortunately, its on the other side of the river, and we had to run a few more miles yet, leaving the party behind.  the turn around came, and we crossed the stream (no bridges, just water, sand and shoe sucking mud on the bank as you exit.  Anothe half mile, and we popped out of the woods, across the field, and over the mats for lap 1, finishing in 3:23.  I gave a jump for the photographer.
    Lap 2 Keep on a' truckin
    Swapped goodie bags, reapplied body glide, and headed back out.  Spent most of the outbound on this lap running with a woman doing the 50k., and with a fellow 50 miler on the return. My left shoelace were bugging me this lap though. too tight at the top and too loose in the middle.  I tried loosening them a bit, which made the top feel better, but then the shoe was too loose, so I retied it again looking for the magic spot.  The yodelling sone was now firmly implanted, and somehow got remixed in to the Red Hot Chili peppers bass line and lyrics.."Yodellay-hee (giveitaway giveitaway now) Yodelay-hee (giveitaway giveitaway now)" ..  I rolled with it, since I though it was rockin'.  Occasional light rain fell  during lap 2.  Lots of people passing both ways on the two way section.  I run for a while with a guy in green (#448 above, also running 50) , who is struggling a bit, and thinking of dropping.  I give him some words of encouragement, and keep on, eventually pulling away from him, even though I was starting to have some trouble maintaining the 12 min  goal pace, and noticed a hot spot on my left foot, that I figured I'd take care of at the start line.  As I trotted in to complete lap 2, this woman comes blazing past me and finishes.  Turns out to be the 50 mile female winner..  The party has calmed down now.. no more accordion, but lots of folks relaxing after their 50k (or 50M) finish.  2nd lap time  4:05.  I applied more body glide, swapped to my third bag, thought about changing shoes but since they felt OK, I decided not to.   I tied a longsleeve shirt around my waist, in case it got cold. grabbed a grilled cheese and PB&J, amongst other stuff.  And headed off.
    Lap 3 Dear God, please let me beat the cutoff!
    So now I start dooing the race math as I'm moving along..12-1/2 hour cut off, 7-1/2 so far, leaves five, and th eloop is 17 miles, so that means I need to hold a better than 3 miles an pace. no problem.  But about a mile out my left shoe laces become unbearably tight on top...and the shoe is still too loose, should have swapped that when I had the chance!!..After a few attempts at re tensioning, I un lace the top row of holes so the last lace is now on a different spot.  This seems to work OK, but I lost some time figuring this all out, and I got passed by the guy in green.  I know I'm running late, and mention this to the AS1/3 workers, who assure me that they will be there when I return.  Nobody anywhere, except for a few on the two way section, who are all really encouraging me, almost surprised to see me.. gotta love the "race" dynamic in Ultras, with support both ways.  Mostly its lonely though.  and I'm holding 19 min pace according to my foot pod.. but do I trust it?  How far am I exactly?...I'll know when I get to AS2.. finally get to the bike path, and know AS2 is not far ...they are under that bridge.. right...wait, where are they!!!!!  I finally see them, packing up the last of th efood and they are shocked to see me.  They thought they guy in green was last, since he was the last to finish lap 2, and packed up once he went through.  "do you have water"  I say. "no but we have Gatorade"  (Fuck that I think, 16 oz of Gatorade will make me puke if I take it now) "No" I said " I need water, not gatorade"  They find a bottle of water, and give me a refill, and scrounge up a banana and a granola bar from their truck.  I thank them, and lope outta there.  Lucky I was no slower.  Along the bike path, the worker from AS2 runs up to me, since he is sweeping up the course marker ribbons.  He assures me that I won't get DQ'd for being a minute over,  and encourages me.  eventually he gets involved with a stubborn marker, and I leave huim behind.   No more runners on the two way section.  AS1/3 is still there thank God, so I get my last refill and snack and continue on.  the time is looking better now, and I wonder if I can beat 12 hours..or if I will miss 12:30...  "I would have made it.. but I had to wait for AS2 guy to go to his truck and get me some food"  I reherse excuses and reasons I can use on the RD. I push as hard as I can, which isnt very fast actually at this point, Left foot still has hot spots.  and its getting hard to lift my legs.  I reach the 50M split (which sends the 50M runners on a detour), and there is no volunteer watching.  But I take the long way like I'm supposed to.  Pass a family walking.. do they know how long I have been out here?? through the twisty half track section. and pass them again...I can hear the music...It's close.. It's 12 hours now,, is there a half hour worth of trail left?? I/m not sure anymore.  push the pace a little..Last time through the muddy stream and slip going up the embankment, but keep upright and move out.  Pop out f the woods  and towards the finish, but there is a truck in the way...WAIT FOR ME!!...  The finish mat is next to the truck and I cross...FINISHED! and collect my loot - a backpack, beer glass, and hand towel, as well as the T-shirt.  They saved some bratwurst for me, and some potato salad..
    So at 12:06:16, I came in last out of 76 finishers, but beat the 14 people who dropped.

    Stone Mill 50m 11/16/13  12:42

    Febapple Frozen 50k 2/22/14  9:20:55

    DIrty German 50m 5/18/14 12:06:16


    100K or Bust

      If you passed a lone runner with a beard running the opposite direction, that was probably me. I tried to give everyone I saw a "Good job" greeting as they passed. We may have just missed each other as you finished your first lap, since I bumped into Muppy while he was applying repairs to his water bladder. And now I'm likely to have that song in my head all afternoon when I head out to run.

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        Nice job, you may have been last in this race, but you still ran 50 miles, not many people can say that, congratulations!

        Was great to run with you for a little while, and thanks for getting the Chilli Peppers song stuck in my head!


          Nice job, Jody and congratulations on your 50 mile finish.  Guess we'll have to wait fr the new "jumping photo".

            Congrats!! Even if you were DFL, it's still a PR, and still faster than the only 50 miler I ever ran! 


            It's too bad we didn't catch each other. That was definitely the downside of the staggered start.

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              These 50 mile things are becoming easy for you.  Congrats and thanks for sharing.

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                Great job, and nice report.


                Best line in a race report: I came in last out of 76 finishers, but beat the 14 people who dropped.

                  Haven't read yet..

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                    Whoops...wrong place to post

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                      Congratulations on the 50 miler.  You got it done.  It was nice that the AS2 folks ran after you and got you taken care of.


                      At my DD's endurance horse rides the last finisher gets a coveted "turtle award".  She has finished first and finished turtle, their motto "to finish is to win".

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                        Nice job gettin it done out there.  I know I was sure glad to not have to go out for a third lap after finishing the 50k.  Got to see the first place 50 miler rip into the finish at a full sprint while I was sipping my post race yuengling.

                        running under the BigSky

                          Congrats on the finish!  If I was closer I'd enter, then I could be DFL Big grin

                            Loved the last part, made me chuckle...way to push was a interesting perspective being last..  

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                            Faster Than Your Couch!

                              Congratulations, you got it done within the cutoff!


                              Kudos for toughing it out on the last lap, being lonely and desperate out there! This is true ultra spirit.

                              Run for fun.

                              Gator eye

                                Red hot Chilli Peppers and yodelling.............. humm in some strange way this makes sense.


                                Great finish.