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Occasional Runner's been a nice little break from reality during the holidays. I spent a huge amount of time in the mountains and had a lot of fun. But now it's time to get back at it.


    7 Mile this morning. Nothing spectacular.


    QOTD: Any New Years resolutions?


    I stopped doing this to myself a long time ago. Now I just set goals.

      URD today. Still hovering around freezing, but on the drizzly side, so there's ice everywhere. The one thing I won't run in. Supposed to be 10-15 degrees colder tomorrow, which will be good if we also get the promised inch or two of snow to cover up all the ice.


      QOTD: Well, I'm planning to lose another 10-15 pounds over the next several months, but I also see that as a goal, not a resolution.


        Rest day today.  Yesterday's 10K was pretty hard.  The roads & trails were covered with snow & ice, it was 5 F, and snowing.  I woke up feeling like garbage, and almost didn't go.  The whole race is pretty much a blur in my memory.


        QOTD:  Not really.


        lace_up:  +1 to having a break from reality for the holidays.


        majope:  Wait, you'll run in sleet, but not on ice?


          Decided to have a rest day. My legs are feeling tired and I have a lot of things to do around the house. If I feel better this afternoon I might spin a little on the bike before work.


          QOTD: No resolutions, just goals.


            Yup, back to the grind. Still not quite normal as another short week so I think I can make it.


            Spent  a few days up north doing some snowshoeing, running, and limited skiing. Trails were not in too good of shape.

            Yesterday was a rest day with just some weights and elliptical in the man cave watching a pretty lousy Rose bowl. Bring on the new regime, quick.

            Good effort on the roads planned today on a local 10k loop.


            Sugnim-Sounds like a good training run anyway. Sometimes it's all you can do.


            QOTD--Not really.

            Le professeur de trail

              An hour at the gym (bike and weights) and now as lace-up has said - back to reality.  I have been off work since Dec 21st but it feels like just yesterday I was here.  Oh well.


              northernharrier - sorry for your loss.  I tuned in for a few minutes.  Looks like the Big 10 all around had a bad day.

              lace - up - haven't heard much about Canada in a while.  Are you done up there?

              majope - when will you be back state side?

              sugnim - a road 10k in snow and icey stuff? doesn't sound like fun. trails on the other hand in that stuff = much better.

              daydreamer - did you say you DID get to sign up for the Mega yesterday? And you signed up for Hyner 50k right? Should be a good year for you.


              QOTD: I don't normally do resolutions. But I always have goals in mind no matter what time of year and lists of "things to do" around the house that never seem to get done.


              Have a great day!

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                lace - up - haven't heard much about Canada in a while.  Are you done up there?



                I finished the majority of my work up there, but things may get cranking again soon. I'm going up in 2 weeks to see what kind of havoc I can create.


                  Back at work, but not necessarily working.  Well, at least not yet.   Have 5 miles planned for later after a few days off.  Now back home, I'm looking forward to running in the relative warmth. (30's instead of single digits).  I won't be able to get to any trails until the weekend, but it's a short week Smile


                  qotd:  similar to Majope's-- I'd like to get to a better racing weight.  And it's a goal, too, rather than a resolution (though the difference is  a bit murky, yes?)

                    Good morning folks! 8 miles this morning in -4 F with 10 mph winds. Roads were nice and dry though. My shirt and gloves froze on me.

                    it was a great follow up to yesterday's 5.5 in -5 F with 15 mph winds. Parts of me froze that I don't think could freeze.


                    QOTD: ditto to what lace said.

                    Occasional Runner


                      qotd:  similar to Majope's-- I'd like to get to a better racing weight.  And it's a goal, too, rather than a resolution (though the difference is  a bit murky, yes?)


                      Yes, a bit murky. In my mind, a resolution suggests an immediate change or immediate action, typically beginning at the first of the year. A goal is an objective that you'll work towards over a period of time. A goal may be achieved immediately or may take years to complete. I wouldn't make a New Years resolution about completing the Wasatch 100 in 2014, but that is a goal that I'm focused on right now.

                      running under the BigSky

                        I copied lace-up's idea yesterday and ran 13 miles (2013 an all) and wished I hadn't, got caught in a pretty bad blizzard about half way in and no chance to bail, but I survived Smile


                        calling for high winds today (10-20) w/ a high in the upper teens, so as much as I hate to I think I'll be doing 6 miles on the treadmill Sad  the good news is we are supposed to moderate the next several days w/ highs into the 30's- yeah!


                        qotd: nope, as others have said goals, no resolutions


                          I got in a quick 5 miles last night after a full day of errands. Tonight is 10ish with the running group.


                          QOTD: I have started tracking food intake to make sure I'm getting enough veggies and not too many grains/sugar.


                          I hope everyone has great days, runs and/or rest!

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                            Got in a double yesterday (cardio then more cardio and weights).  Would have loved a long run but too much family fun going on.  If today is like Mon I will not be leaving early enough to squeeze a run in.   I'm looking forward to my free afternoon tomorrow.  Now I just have to decide where to go...


                            qotd:  no resolutions.  I have a hard enough time getting some of the stuff on my "to do" list done!

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                              It's a strength day for me but I'm going to include some intervals anyway.


                              QOTD: no resolutions. In my mind resolutions are like crappy promises. I don't even think of my 2013 list as goals so much as plans. I just decide what I want to do and then do whatever it takes to get there.

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                                majope:  Wait, you'll run in sleet, but not on ice?


                                Well, yeah. Ice makes you slip and fall. Sleet just makes you cold and wet. I mean, it gets slippery if it's falling directly onto pavement, but here it was falling on crunchy wet snow, so traction wasn't an issue. But it is now, because all that snow has turned into ice. And has rain on top.



                                majope - when will you be back state side?


                                We'll be home in Indy in just about two weeks. Leaving Finland in less than a week, and spending the time in between in England.