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Road vs. Trail -- A Question (Read 427 times)

Refurbished Hip

    *stands up*


    Hi, I'm Mandy.


    All together now: "Hi, Mandy."


    It has been 60 days since my last run.


    Injury has left me plenty of time to ponder and think in 2012.  It has made me come to the conclusion that it's not just the running that I miss, but just being on the trails themselves in general.  Which has lead me to strange either/or question that has no bearing on real life, but I'm still curious as to how people would answer.


    Would you rather be strictly a road runner, no trails at all for any activity, but be able to run swift and fast all you wanted on the road/paved paths...or, be "just" a hiker, a trail walker, but have all the trail you could possibly want (no running at all, anywhere)?


    I know it's not a real life scenario, but humor me anyway.


      I'd rather run on the's that running thing that gets me off


        You crack me up


        Would you be able to mountain bike on trails?

        Occasional Runner

          I'll take the running scenario. Running is what brings me the greatest happiness when I'm outside. Trails just make it better.


            This is a hard one, but I have to go for the trails.  If I *really* had to, I could give up running, but not the connection with nature.

            Refurbished Hip

              You crack me up


              Would you be able to mountain bike on trails?

              Hi Brad! Smile


              If you choose the running, you don't get any trail time.  If you choose the trail, you can do anything you want on it (including biking), but no running.


                A test so early?


                Easy for me--just get me in the wilds. Can I walk fast? Wink


                Next question...


                  I have to run. Luckily, I live in Louisiana where many roads are much more technical than most trails. I'd have to choose running, even though I don't like pavement at all.




                    Le professeur de trail

                      Easy - trails.  I was a hiker as a youngin long before I ran.  I don't run fast on road anyway.


                      Thank God I don't have to choose.

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                        My injury and rehab has kept me from running much at all . I did hike a lot over the summer and recently decided if I can't run distance anymore I will get an endurance horse and still do it .


                          Ouch.  I would hate to have to choose, but I would probably choose road running.  The only reason I would choose this is because in the darker seasons, I only ever have time to properly enjoy trails on the weekends.  So, if I chose trails, that would mean being inactive 5 days a week, and then hiking on weekends.  No thanks.


                          However, when it is light out, much of the joy of running for me comes from being out in nature, seeing animals, smelling everything, feeling the weather, & being in the atmosphere.


                          I hope your injury heals soon.

                          Ultra Cowboy

                            Trail time trumps all.  Grateful for what I get.  Truth be known if I did all my mileage on trails at a Hiking pace, I might actually be in better shape for what I want to do.  Running condenses the time that activity takes and gives me a better endorphin buzz.



                            under a rock

                              I'll take the trails!


                              Follower of Forrest

                                This reminds me of when I moved from the sticks in PA to the NYC area.  I think I already picked roads (but I'm not sure if it was the right choice).

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