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    The pooch and I got a nice 4 mile trail run in early this morning.


    Tallahassee, Florida


      10 after work is the plan. My biggest problem today is that my two new handhelds won't arrive until tomorrow. I guess that is pretty good to have as my biggest problem today.


      QOTD: Do you ever try to run 100 mile weeks in weeks other than when you might run a 100 mile race?


      I try to get a couple of those along the way in a given training cycle. Sometimes I get it done.



        Rest day today and tomorrow as well in fact. It's been awhile since I've had 2 day off in a row. Amazingly enough I've caught up on my yard work and the grass does not even need mowing. I will just sit on my ass and taper this evening after taking the dogs for a walk.


        QOTD: Nope., never had a 100 mile training week, only during the weeks I ran a 100 mile race. My sweet spot right now for big weeks is 70-80 miles. Had 81 a few weeks ago which is pretty high for me. I think my highest ever was in the low 90's.

        In dog beers, I've only had one.

          QOTD: Nope never have.


          Tallahassee, Florida


            SRD today.


            QOTD:  The biggest (non race) week I've ever had was 88 miles, and I did that only one time.  65-75 is my typical high mileage week.  I don't know if my body could handle doing 100 mile weeks.

              I decided not to run this morning but may still run after work.  Traveling to Yreka again.


              QOTD:  Ya right!

              08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

              08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler



                After another month mind-numbing night at work, I plan on a few miles before heading back to work tonight.


                Qotd: There are people who run 100 mile races and/or hundred mile weeks? They can't be mere humans....but they gotta be crazy for sure.


                  Hoping to get in a 7-8 mile run later today. I seriously need to ramp up my mileage. It really dropped off while I was on vacation and now I'm sore after running 14 miles in two days .


                  QOTD: My highest mileage has been around 60 miles.


                  Faster Than Your Couch!

                    Work early, so no morning run, and now I have to tame spank nail to the wall take care of my boys. But it's a nice day outside, overcast, humid and just warm, so I might go for a run later, when DD comes home from school. I might do some yard work as a warm-up.


                    TT: Sounds nice. Your trail dawg is just a trooper!


                    LB2: Jealous of your biggest problem!


                    XT: Sounds like taper madness - but every once in a while, the homely chaos needs to be taken care of, too. That's when racing comes in handy. Now how do we explain this to our spouses?


                    AT: Enjoy the rest!


                    Queen: Hope you'll get a nice run in for some redemption after yesterday!


                    Moonlight: Sounds like a plan!


                    DD1: I can relate - just not been vacationing, but spending my days in bed, sick.


                    QOTD: No. I don't believe in very high mileage, and for me, 60-65 consistent tough trail miles per week work better to prepare me for a long (trail) race than 100 road miles per week.

                    Run for fun.


                      Did 6 miles at the local park this morning.  Raining cats and dogs.  The trails had a lot of water, but the footing was still good.  Funny thing was there were other people there, I kinda thought I'd be the only one.  Although I was the only one on the trails, the others were on the inner road. It was a great run.


                      qotd: no, I think I have maxed out at 75 mpw when there wasn't a race involved.

                      Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


                        I had such a beautiful run tonight before heading off to work. Once again it was a run through a beautiful rainforest. I was all alone on the trail with the smell of spring and even the somewhat exotic sounding bird call or two. It was an hour of pure heaven.

                        running under the BigSky

                          strength trained this evening and bikemmuted to and fro work- reported a fire on the way home, it's been dry and today was awfully windy- think someone got careless w/ a cigarette Sad


                          qotd: not in my wildest dreams Smile


                            moonlight - that's wonderful, love those occasional magical runs.


                              I'm sorry to always post of mtn. biking and swimming  and other things but that's what I do. So today I hit the pool a little after 5 A.M. then did some core, weights, and elliptical when I returned home. After work I shot up to Mirror Lake and got after it on the mtn. bike trails. I'll try running in the morning. Because of balance in my life, many other interest, and I like to see my friends and family I have seldom even hit 70 miles in a week which only left me tired anyway but this little sentence leads me into the..



                              QOTD--REALLY? This is comical. The elitism here show by some is just amazing at times. And some others have wondered where many of our good and regular posters have gone. Joke.

                              Occasional Runner

                                Slow run in the mountains with the pup this morning. I'm trying to rest a bit before my race this weekend and I still feel a little "off" from South Africa. Not much real running planned for the week.


                                QOTD: I hit that mileage when I feel good and want to devote the extra time to running. It's seldom planned, it just sort of happens. I don't think that's a function of elitism. Like NorthernHarrier says, it's all about finding balance in the things that bring you happiness. For some, it's about climbing onto a bike, hitting the pool or hanging out with family. For others, it's not. For me, it's about finding my happiness logging miles on the trail. If some people feel jaded because of that difference, they'll find comfort in any number of other forums filled with other bitter people.